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for haiku are like rings on a poet's fingers

12/12/2006 c22 612simpleplan13
another greay one I remeber
12/12/2006 c21 simpleplan13
aw... so cute... i can relate to that... very sweet
12/12/2006 c20 simpleplan13
aw.. cute
12/12/2006 c19 simpleplan13
can definately relate to that one
12/12/2006 c18 simpleplan13
hehe... i NEVER do that..lol
12/12/2006 c17 simpleplan13
I like this.. i think we all have scars like that
12/11/2006 c15 simpleplan13
12/11/2006 c14 simpleplan13
12/11/2006 c13 simpleplan13
a snipet of life.. i like it
12/11/2006 c12 simpleplan13
I like this.. although the hair is very ambigious about whose it is... im not sure whether I like it or not.. anyhow well done
12/11/2006 c11 simpleplan13
i like the doorway.. it says a lot
12/11/2006 c10 simpleplan13
interesting metaphor
12/11/2006 c7 simpleplan13
I love that personification of that last line... its amazing
12/11/2006 c9 simpleplan13
this is my fav so far... I like it.. its a perfect picture
12/11/2006 c6 simpleplan13
sweet and beautiful
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