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for Love me, I live in hope

4/30/2014 c16 fictionloverFE
i really love this kind f stories...this was one of my favourites
5/12/2013 c16 7Redrosey18
Hahahaha, so cute.
1/17/2013 c16 2jordan.riri
This is a bit stilted in parts but overall I really liked it ). One suggestion though - maybe put some of the really short chapters near the beginning if the story together into a longer chapter?
9/4/2011 c16 2NormaJean Beausoleil
cute ending. thanks for sharing!
3/7/2011 c16 Cailleach64
Boys don't really act like that. Even the sensitive, emotional, honest, kind and caring guys and trust me, I know as my brother is exactly that. But then again, this is fiction so I guess guy’s can act however way you want them to, eh? Anyway, good story, really liked it.
1/23/2010 c8 6letyoursoultakeflight
Okay, probably good it was just a nightmare!
1/23/2010 c7 letyoursoultakeflight
Oh! Wasn't expecting that for some reason! Excellent bit of angstyness =]
1/23/2010 c1 letyoursoultakeflight
Oh, poor darling!
8/27/2009 c16 2Rae Simmons
Aww. That was really cute, and the flow wasn't too bad either.

Now, if you care to hear it, some constructive criticism:

The time line itself seems a bit rushed. I'm sure it probably wouldn't if I had been following chapter by chapter, though that's the true test isn't it? I had a couple of major issues with spelling such as, "u" instead of "you"; but grammar-wise any flaws were easily passed over. The entire story was fairly short, but intense. It would be nice to see it spread out a little more, like one centimetre of butter on your scone instead of five. Over all it was a well done, if slightly predictable, story and I enjoyed reading it very much.
5/3/2009 c16 MarieVerdonck
Great story! I really enjoyed reading this story! I did find the ending a bit short...

12/22/2008 c16 19Fictatiousrambler
I thought I'd read and review one of your stories in return for the review of mine.

I thought this was well written, and with a bit of lengthening and editing it would make an excellent story. Not to say it wasn't good already, I'm just a stickler for constructive criticism.
12/18/2008 c16 9The Evanangel
Ok, this the second time I've read this story and it's so good. I love it so much XD
10/26/2008 c16 1animebaby2000
i have to say that was a pretty adorable story , i liked it a lot great job !:D
10/20/2008 c1 71Subbie
Hello! I've actually read the whole story, but my internet is messing with my head again, and the window crashed just as I was finishing the story, so instead of risking it again, I decided just to review on the first chapter instead of the last! YAY!

So yeah, great story, a little cliche, and what DID happen to the father? but yeah! loving it!

9/27/2008 c16 Spinning Jenny
Ha ha ha.

The camp bed was under his own bed.


Great story, by the way!
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