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for Love me, I live in hope

12/10/2007 c15 51Kenya Bloodstone
Ouch mean way to get the point across but hey Kyle shouldn't have been drunk anyway Awesome chapter keep it up please update soon KUDOS
12/10/2007 c4 3Prieda Solo
haha. this chapter is sweet and fluffy :)
12/10/2007 c3 Prieda Solo
still good :) swearing comes across as just ever-so-slightly gratuitous. Also a spelling "Focusing with all my mite on the floor" should be "Focusing with all my might on the floor".

Otherwise good so far. Still love Kyle :)
12/10/2007 c2 Prieda Solo
wow, this gets very intense near the end and kudos for that. I love kyle already :) like i said before, very good characters. The writing style slightly better but still a bit off. That'll just improve with writing though :)

plot starting: good so far.
12/10/2007 c1 Prieda Solo
Interesting. DO you mind concrit? Your characters are very good so far, but your writing style is not quite perfect. YOu tend to use longer words, which sound a bit awkward next to the kid=talk and the swearing.

"The combination of both me coming back to my senses and being highly accustomed to his violence enabled me to quickly look away to the side, and subsequently avoiding the next event having full contact with the front of my face"

for example, is a bit long winded.

But otherwise good :)
12/10/2007 c15 8Black Viper
12/9/2007 c15 15upsidedown.underwater
woah baby...that was an intense chapter! nice job though...you need to update soon!
12/9/2007 c15 Carlette
AH! How dare you end it there!

I must know what happens next!
12/9/2007 c15 3Back of Beyond
I am so confused. O_O Maybe it's cause I haven't read this in a while, but who's Liam? It says he's Brett's best friend, but isn't that Kyle...? I'm probably missing something very obvious, but it's late and my brains not working properly. :P Anyway, it was a good chapter. :] Update soon please.
12/6/2007 c14 2Kokoro no Tenshi
I like it. Some of the parts went a little fast, and I'm pretty damn sure you're english because a lot of the slang made no sense. But it added to the story so its ok. I like how it turned out. hm what else do I say. You've written so much to me so I have to be helpful. um what could be helpful to my dear firestar? oh I thought it was really funny and cute, except for the beating parts, those made ME want to cry. It was all in all pretty well written, just a few typos. I'm sure I have typos too so that's not a big deal. I hope to read more of your stories.

love Kokoro no Tenshi
10/28/2007 c14 51Kenya Bloodstone
OMG That story is so totally amazing! I love it so much! I woulda reviewed every chapter as I read it but like I didn't want to like overload your alerts. But seriously this story rocks PLEASe UPDATE SOON! *begs* I promise to keep reading and REVIEWING! KUDOS SO MUCH KUDOS ~~Kenya~~
10/26/2007 c7 16Cinera
For a first timer, this is really good. I'm impressed, and can't wait to see what happens next.
10/25/2007 c14 8Black Viper
10/24/2007 c14 15upsidedown.underwater
nice job...uhm...if u go a while between updating could u possibly give a breif summary?
10/24/2007 c14 Carlette
That was the cutest chapter ever!

HAHAHAHA they told that lady off! YAY!

Update soon!
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