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3/21/2009 c1 FuckMeAlice
Okay, first of all I love your writing style. Jamie's strong personality really comes through in it, and showed me that she's not another Mary-Sue number (I actually avoid stories with girls in them because of Mary-Sueness).

Second, I don't like your use of ellipses in the narrative. I know it's hard not to use them, but ellipses are generally used as a dialogue tool and detract from the flow of the narrative.


PS: You just got Review Marathon'd! (link in my profile)
10/30/2006 c1 2EeeNAce
Ohh wow... I love that name Favian. =D So hot.. Anyhow, it's very creative. Great work. Do continue =)
10/25/2006 c1 Melly
Please keep writing! ^v^ I love it so far I can't wait to know what happens

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