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for Meine Liebe Akt II

5/16/2013 c13 1granity20
i really love this and the story before this too!
thanks so much for this!
2/19/2011 c12 8Jj Smith
I read this about a month ago and so did my friends and this is the book i compare everyother one to and the characters are easy to fall in love with and i certainly have since i can practly resite the whole story
6/25/2010 c12 Joanna C. Rice
told you i would read it. its good the link on your site dosent work r you still writing?
6/1/2010 c13 4Expressing-The-Unexpressable
i love this series...its bloody cute ;)

keep up the awesome work!
3/17/2009 c10 2krystal-of-hope
yay review 100 please try and work on the other parts of meini liebe this about the third time I'm reading both parts :)

I love it please continue
12/23/2008 c1 nameless
The whole time I was reading Meine Liebe thinking, she should write one in his POV.

I love him! (Such a little anti human bookworm myself.)
10/13/2007 c13 15Switch
Hey, I just wanted to let you know this story has been added to the C2 Community, "High School Confidential," a place just for slashy high school stories. Please check it out! ^_^
7/11/2007 c12 ArvelAmaya
I really enjoyed this story. I guess I just liked the messed up characters the most. Kaleb was definitely a favorite of mine. The pace was fast so I finished it pretty quickly.
7/5/2007 c1 6Satan'z Myth
Geez... so I *did* mis-spell Kaiser's name **stupidity prevails**

And, anyway... YOU SHARE MY SISTER'S BIRTHDAY ! Only, I guess that you were born in '89, and she in '90... :D... Omg, am so excited that am practically frantically running around my room !

Anyway... geez, all these German siblings are like so cool... tho' I don't seem to like either Khevin or Rica much (no clue why :D)... but, basically, am officially in LAABH...err... LOVE... with both Kaiser and Kael - too bad am a girl *sniff* but, heyy, I've always liked the gay/apparently gay ones better ! :D
3/3/2007 c13 Taryn
Wow. I read your Meine Liebe and Akt 2 of it. Very nice job, I love your writing styles and you feel like you can get into the character, like real life. I can't wait for Meine Liebe Akt I and IV to be finished or started to read them.

It's hard to find such good written stories like this now a days. I just loved reading these though. Especially the angst. You can't have a good romance without angst.

Thank you so much for taking your time just to write these aweomse stories :]
12/12/2006 c13 4R-Shindo
Wow...! I love this story too! Though their lives are so screwed up, they still love eachother. I love your writing, and I can tell that it is getting alot better as you write more! I can't wait until I read Meine Liebe Akt I! But that will wait until tmrw as to how I read this so late, I dunno! I love this series and hope that you write much more.

Shindo Shuichi!

12/10/2006 c12 3moon maiden of time
This story made me hurt. It was sad and painful, but at the end, you tied it up quite nicely. And happily.

You might want to get a beta, though, 'cause you've got a lot of small grammar mistakes. (Don't hurt me for the suggestion, please.)
12/3/2006 c3 Reiko atsuka
Yay! I finally got around to creating an account, so now I can add you to fav authors, and the story to fav stories ^-^

Donovan and Weed seem like an interesting couple... it's not often that you'll find someone who'll shut up just cause their lover tells them to, lol.

There are a few things that could be corrected...

'...who I swear have to be contacts,...'

'who' should be 'which'. 'who' is used in reference to a person, not an object.

'I exchanged a coldly look with the black haired guy.'

'coldly' should be 'cold'

'I gave Hunter a sharply glance when I said that, and his eyes narrowed.'

'sharply' should be 'sharp'

There was also one towards the beginning of the chapter... there's really nothing wrong with it, except it's a little awkward and should probably be rephrased.

'I had never seen such dark and coldly, and yet so penetrating that I felt they could look right into my soul eyes.'

It seems to that you should put 'eyes' more towards the beginning of the sentence, like: 'I had never seen eyes so dark and cold, and yet so penetrating that I felt they could look right into my soul.'

11/30/2006 c2 Rei
I like how well you show Kael's thoughts, they aren't really clear, and seem to go around in circles, which is really how most people think anyway... it really brings him to life. You've really got a knack for putting people in your characters shoes, and making them life like.

'...laughing and he care so much for River that he would do anything to please him.'

'care' should be 'cares'

"Sure thing, Mrs. Schwartz," River said with a wryly smile.

'wryly' should be 'wry'

'Well, I guess that’s better than having here in here.'

I think you meant 'her in here.' instead of 'here in here.'

'my thoughts messed over and over.'

this didn't make much sense to me, I don't think 'messed' is the correct word...

'...and I always cowered it up with makeup so no...'

I think 'cowered' should be 'covered'
11/30/2006 c1 Rei
Good chapter, doesn't exactly grab ones attention, but still really good.

I don't see any grammar errors either ^-^

Sorry it's taken me so long in getting around to read this, it's been on my mind, but I've had so much homework that I haven't had much free time online.

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