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for Meine Liebe Akt II

11/13/2006 c9 WitchGhost
Good chapter! Sad it's almost over, but that also means you can post the next one sonoer!
11/13/2006 c9 Orangeena
Aw, I hope Hunter and Kael are both okay. It is certain that they both could use rehab therapy. They won't be good for one another until they are good to themselves. I'm sorry that the end to this Meine Leibe is near, but I am excited for Lester's story, whenever that will come! I know some people don't like him, and shame on him for aiding Kael in his self-destructive behavior, but I have a soft spot for him. Until next time..
11/13/2006 c9 15Switch
Um, I like this chapter! ^_^ It makes me sad, but it's written well and I love your characters. Anyway, I saw your comment about American schools and I thought I'd help you out. Below is a list of the grades, school titles, and average age when that grade is finished.

Kindergarten - 6

Elementary school or Grammar School

1st - 7

2nd - 8

3rd - 9

4th - 10

5th - 11

Middle School or Junior High

6th - 12

7th - 13

8th - 14

High School

Freshman - 15

Sophomore - 16

Junior - 17

Senior - 18

Note - There is a difference between a middle school and a junior high. My school district, the schools went 1-5, 6-8, 9-12, but in other school districts they can go 1-6, 7-9, 10-12. The latter usually has a junior high and the former a middle school. It entirely depends on where you live and how the schools are structured. Also, the ages vary from state to state. I'm in college and I know quite a few people who didn't turn 18 until pretty far into the first semester.

Also, I don't know where your from (though I assume Germany) and I don't know what your semesters are like, so I thought I'd explain that too just in case.

Usually first semester starts late August/Early September. There is often a Fall Break, just a long weekend, then you get off Thrusday of Thanksgiving (3rd Thurdsay of August) and the Friday after. Depending on the school, that semester will finish before or a week or two after Christmas break, which starts the Monday before Christmas and is usually around 2 weeks long. Then the new semester starts. There is usually a week for Spring break in late march/early April and that's the only break until the 3 month summer vacation usually starting in May or June. Note: College is completely different. There are more breaks and some colleges take off all of January. I don't know, it's crazy.

Also, I don't know if this affects you story or not, but some schools have different ways of breaking up the grading period. A semester is usually 90 days, a total of 18 weeks. Most school sdo 2 report cards per semester, 9 weeks apart, but my high school you got 3 report cards, every 6 weeks. This was especially nice in my case where I was rewarded with money for good grades on my report card (he he he).

So I probably said too much, but often too much information is better than too little and hopefully this will help you if you're ever not sure about something regarding American schools . If you have any questions or anything, feel free to e-mail me. My addy should be on my bio. As a product of the American school systems, i hope that I am fairly knowledgable about how they work.
11/13/2006 c9 Account no longer used
Poor Kael..And poor Hunter but Kael is um..More poor? (how the hell do you say that 0.o) He makes me wanna cry:( Maybe I should cry, during my french test. I hate french. That would be cool, maybe I'm allowed to go if I start crying, lol.

(Good chapter btw)
11/12/2006 c8 2carcrash
This story is amazing.


I love River and Kaiser. They're such a perfect couple.

Hunter and Kael are likeable characters too, though they need to shapen themselves up!

I hope everything is well with you, my dear.

Hope to talk to you later! =D
11/11/2006 c8 2Fork-In-Your-Eye
Ok... Now Hunter and Kael are affecting their close ones... When will they just get over it and get together already! They really are putting their lives in danger just for this stupid thing... AH!...

k... GREAT CHAPPY! UPDATE SOON! ^^cant wait for the next few chapters!
11/11/2006 c8 2Jayn
I found the sequel! Yay... but no yay. Everything is going wrong for them! Are they both going to end up in the same rehab place? Please update soon!
11/11/2006 c8 Orangeena
Okay then, if Hunter and Kael don't want to talk then they should just break up already. All this drama between them is unnecessary. There is no way in hell they can fix it without talking, so they should just end it and save themselves and their friends the stress of dealing with their issues. They both self medicate as well, so maybe they should seek therapy. Those boys have major problems.

Anyway, I think the phone call is bad news about (or from) Hunter. Update soon ;)
11/11/2006 c8 Machete-soul-dance
bulimia = bad...



nasty kael.

he's being a prick.

and upsetting me.

but kaiser sounds perfect.

why why why does he have to be A)fictional and B)gay?
11/11/2006 c8 Account no longer used
Hm a cliffy but not a really mean one..And because I know you always update soon I won't kill you...Yet! Muahahaha!

11/10/2006 c7 25Esquirella
Oy! So Kael is bulimic? Poor Kael! He doesn't need to have all this pain. Good update!
11/10/2006 c7 16Kylee M. Fowler
oh... poor kael... right now it doesn't seem like anything is workin between those two, but im still hoping that hunter will get some sense knocked into him and stop cheating!

i noticed youre doing nanowrimo... me too! whats your username on it? mine is "fyshy".
11/10/2006 c7 WitchGhost
Good chapter! Poor Kael, a happy ending does seem impossible at this point, but everything turns around!
11/10/2006 c7 Machete-soul-dance
I don't like Lester...:( But Kael? Woah. This is saddening!
11/10/2006 c7 2Fork-In-Your-Eye
YAY update so soon! YAY YOU! DRINKS ALL AROUND! oki... Im high again...

K... Now Kael has an eating disorder (whatever it is called)... OMG! please make him stop! He will really harm his body! poor him... Anyways.. WHY DOES HE HAD A BAG OF FOOD IN HIS ROOM IN THE FIRST PLACE! HE SHOULD HAVE STAYED AWAY FROM THE FOOD SO HE WONT REPEAT WHAT HAD HAPPEN.. the disorder i meant. .can i pleasepleasepleaseplease kill hunter... or at least knock him down using a car and hope he lands in a coma and then he will realize that he had been hurting Kael or something... or maybe i should do that to Kael then hunter will reallyreally regret treating Kael like that... FYI.. not kill Kael but make his hurt... hm...
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