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4/14/2012 c2 1booklover1698
Awww! how sad! I love it, updates soonsies! Umm, try Lost Sisters for a title! It is not that great but it'll work for now, I guess until someone thinks of something better.
1/25/2009 c2 8CrazyCowgirl101
Um. I think you need to review . . . NOW! please. Thanks.
12/30/2006 c2 2Rose Jameson
EXCITING! Im sry for the WAY LATE review, my e-mail doesnt send me the author alerts anymore...I have to go in and search to see if any chapters have been added. well I LOVES IT! HURRY WITH MORE
11/27/2006 c2 3kingcarnidge
sisters are trouble man :) just thought id come on and see how everything was. By this story id say ur not doing bad at all. Update as soon as!
11/2/2006 c2 3Jack Walter
I love it!

It has a whirlwind of spunk in it. xD


heh, i love the small hints of comic relief
11/2/2006 c2 1Reina Starr
Aw! I wish they could take Diana with them. But that's how sometimes stories are. Marie reminds me of one of my best friends. She bea up this huge jock when he started messing with her, and she is one the smallest girls in the whole grade! She tackled him to the ground and it was hilarious! She doesn't let anybody mess with her! Anyway I LOVED it. I just have one sugestion. If you can (you don't have to) try to make it even more emotional. Oh and make sure you don't give too much away because as one of the said, "Maybe you'll get rich. Or married." You said there was a lot of romance in there so that kind of gives some of it away. But besides those tiny things, Your doing AWESOME! Keep it up!
10/27/2006 c1 Reina Starr
(CLAPS!) BRAVO! I LOVE IT! This is great! Hmm... a title that's a little hard cause I don't know all what's going to happen so it's a little hard. Something maybe to do with the ship. But please write more! I love it! I know this will be a hit! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!

The very impressed writer,

10/27/2006 c1 2Rose Jameson
I want to see what happens in this story! so please do post more!

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