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for Poor Little Girl

2/8/2014 c1 OfPaperCranes
Gory and interesting. Well done.
7/23/2012 c1 Topaz
That was really gross ewwwwwwwwwwww
7/22/2012 c1 Guest
That was soooooooo gross ewwwwwwwwwww
5/30/2010 c1 lijuan
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3/28/2009 c1 36Kate Marshall
This is so creepy. But in a 'Grimm's fairytale' kind of way that I actually kind of appreciate. I liked the simple phrasing; it really suited the child's thoughts. I thought it was written pretty well. :)
3/25/2009 c1 2stungunfun
11/11/2008 c1 DA-Amanda
I don't see how you can eat someone and they don't wake up...

I love cannibalism...No I hate it, but I love reading about it, although when you think of it it's disgusting of course.

Can I take this story and make it into a longer one? Because that's its only fault, really, it's a bit short. Don't worry, I wouldn't post it or pass it off as my own, I just love writing and this is really inspiring. Take it as a compliment.
3/30/2008 c1 Horror-Lover
Wow. This is so weird but scary at the same time.

So, she became a zombie?
7/27/2007 c1 1I Adore Linear Regression
6/8/2007 c1 3Zerousy
morbid and cool..
4/6/2007 c1 3dead already
You know, that's actually pretty cute despite the little girl being a cannibal. I like it. Nice and simple, not over the top, with just the right amount of creepiness.
3/25/2007 c1 145dfgsfdghftgt44
That's creepy. It reminds of a scary children's story in a way. It also makes me think of Very creepy, but for a short story it's not bad. Well done.

~Cirien Phoenix
2/3/2007 c1 4Trazia
ok i will admit i did not like this story but not that it was written bad even thoug you should reframe from useing things like 'cry, cry, cry' but that was not the reason i didn't like it, it was becasue i hate canabalism, but thats only my personal dislike other then that you have a talent in writting.
12/19/2006 c1 Sarah
I liked it. It was short, sweet, to the point. I also thought that it was really funny. I thought the second paragraph was really confusing. I had to read it a couple of times to get it. Maybe you should word it differet. I think that paragraph is all over the place. You might want to orinize it a little better.
12/16/2006 c1 29Saikai
You should call this story VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY, because that is how many times you used the word very. This was freaky! You spelled whined wrong as well. Hm...How many stars is this worth?

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