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3/14/2007 c3 2Xxnever-knewxX
GAH SPIDERS! [shudder]...I hate hate hate spiders. They scare me T.T

There was once one in my basement and it was big and sitting there staring at me, so I chugged a water bottle that was near me and trapped it in the bottle. Then I raced upstairs ran outside and deposited on the other side of my lawn. Running back to the door (pfft like the spider would have actually gotten that close to me), my foot caught on the step up my porch and I tripped

...pleasant ne? Haha I hate spiders but I won't let people kill them ^^; Anywhoo, interesting plague you have there :] nice job of a chapter ^^
3/3/2007 c3 6Tomiko90
Hey! This was awesome! I'm so happy you updated! Gosh her father is a bastard! I really can't wait to see more updates for this! Oh, and I have a couple ideas for the plague name. The first one is aegrus and it's latin for ill, diseased, and unwell. The second is aranea and it's latin for spider's web. I couldn't find the word for spider. Just thought I'd help you out! If you can find something better then that's alright! Update soon! :D
1/15/2007 c2 2Xxnever-knewxX
nicee, I'll use your line for now ^~ ...update soon..I like it ^^
1/15/2007 c1 Xxnever-knewxX
I have to say, Kaede is pretty awesome :D and her father... u.u is not ^.~ Now that I have said my words of..uhm...well whatever... onwards to the next chapter! ^^
10/31/2006 c2 6Tomiko90
OMG! you have to update soon! I love it so far! This is going in favorites!

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