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10/21/2007 c1 51Spider-Matt
My god, this is fantastic! Are you, like, a professional! You are so totally gonna be famous one day. ;-)

Seriously, I really like this. I miss your writing.
10/18/2007 c1 66Blissfully Sarcastic
Awh. Cute.

Repetitive, but all songs are.

I'd love to hear it.
3/6/2007 c1 8hagiasophia
i wish i could here the music! but it's so good you can almost hear it in your mind! :D ☻
12/13/2006 c1 612simpleplan13
I like the repition and the rhyming.. too bad we cant hear the music... nicely done
11/27/2006 c1 31xForeverAndAlwaysx
this is amazing beyond words... beautiful work.
11/22/2006 c1 Devin Brines
It was very good. The only problem, I thought, was that you rhymed tear with clear. That latter of those lines sounds forced. The chorus is sort of weak. I thought some of the other stanzas were better, but well done, nonetheless. Keep it up.
11/12/2006 c1 19Awen1923
Very nice. You have some good lines. I wish I could hear the music, it tends to add to the overall feel of the lyrics.
11/6/2006 c1 59S0ulSearching
ooh i like this-i wish i could hear the music you have in mind-itd be funny to see if its the same ^_^

11/1/2006 c1 243ShadowFane
This was really cool. I wish I could actually hear the song. :) Great job!


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