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for The Interrogation

3/7/2011 c1 17Chinagirl18
That. Was. AWESOME! I can totally picture it! A huge sense of mystery in the air! Great job! :D

3/4/2007 c1 1Anters
Has it really been a few months since you posted this? Okay, I was gone much longer then I though. :/ Sorry bout that! At least I finally got around to this!

I liked it (although, I was expecting a wall of text to hit me when I opened it, lol.) Anyways, it leaves us questioning pretty much the whole entire thing. I like how you wrote it out as such.

It was pretty awesome to read somethin' from ya again! Lol, I've been way behind in Press things, I hope to get workin' on such stuff again here soon, and hopefully you will still be my beta? :D Hopefully, and talk later!

11/16/2006 c1 31Reflex
I know what you did last supper...hehehe...

Good story! :)
11/9/2006 c1 33WyrdWolf
Terribly sorry that I couldn't get to this until now, Anya, but it's NaNoWriMo and I am swamped.

Oh, so it's a kind of...um...I want to say playwrite, but I don't think that's the right word. =/ Maybe script. Anywho...^^

This much reminded me of Saw; the scenario itself, it just seemed to strike me there. It really chilled my blood, though; I got that icy adrenaline rush that I love getting when I read good thrillers, and this was no exception. Very well written.

11/8/2006 c1 132samwise606
Not what I expected. Truthfully, I guess I expected it to be longer, more on the lines of a Tempest Team scale, just without the powers and sci-fi elements. But still somewhat interesting. One of those things where the reader doesn't know exactly what's going on, and is left to speculate. Like, why is John in the room, why is it Claire's fault, and what transpired between them before? I guess one can only wonder.

11/2/2006 c1 thunderbolt and lightning
It lives! I didn't think you were still writing. Nice to read something from you. There is just something about your work that I crave.

keep on keepin' on
11/2/2006 c1 3Skoonie
Wow, this was great!

lol I can't wait to see what you come up with next (hopefully something of teh Superhero variety XD).

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