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12/1/2006 c11 4mandrake-o
I liked this chapter because Jackie was barely present. Is it a problem that I find this alarming hate for Jackie over what he did to Will?

And the idea of Carmine on a bike amuses me.

Hope Darcy's okay.

=) Mandraco.
12/1/2006 c11 kanjil
Carmine´s reasoning concerning his relation to Shay or most of his co-workers is understandable but also makes his carelessness towards Jackie seem even more irrational. I feel sorry for Darcy. Maybe seeing Jamie´s baby not only reminded her of her own child but also let long suppressed emotions emerge.
11/30/2006 c11 diebyownhands
I feel so bad for Darcy and Rob is really a nice guy. I think is it maybe the date that depresses her? I know it wasn't mentinoned at all that it happened around the same time but I thought I don't know maybe her sons birthday or something?

I really hope they can help her but it's hard to help someone who doesn't want to be helped.

Carmine is dreaming about Shay and showing once more that what really is stopping him is his hang up on what they were in prison.

I was thinking about Jackie and then remembered what he did to Terry when helping him out and I have to say "What the hell was Jamie thinking!
11/30/2006 c11 Orangeena
Rod is such a great guy. He doesn't even know Darcy and he's doing all these things for her. I find it very endearing. Hooray for Rob.

As for Carmine! He is so adamant that he'll never get into anything romantic or sexual with Shay... but he definitely wants to. Maybe subconciously, but he wants him. He wants to have sex with Shay and actually COME for once. One day Carmine... you'll realize that Shay isn't the 'scary motherfucker' you once thought he was...
11/30/2006 c10 L. A. Solvang
I can truly understand why Carmine don't want to be with Shay. :\ Though it seems like he's starting to get feelings for him, I can completely see why he doesn't want to get involved with Shay in that way. Shay might be a nice guy now, but Carmine remembers who he was in jail and that might be really hard to get over just because "he's so nice now". I'm curious to how he gets over it, assuming that he and Shay get together at the end.

And even though we all know that Jackie will screw Carmine over one way or another - I can't see that Carmine truly cares for Jackie other then getting laid. So I can't see Carmine being left heartbroken, but... you never know with your stories. ;D I'm also happy to see that the Story Alert is working again.
11/29/2006 c10 1moresickpuppy
Always get a big ole' smile on my face when I see there's a new chapter.

Can I just say Carmine is a spectacular piece of shit for telling those things about Shay to Jackie. He knows not to trust Jackie, and even if those things weren't so very sensitive for Shay, you don't talk shit about people 'cos they're dyslexic! Duh! He's really asking for it.

You're really doing a great job with this story. All the twists, and the way the characters deal with each other.
11/29/2006 c10 green
It is wonderful that Darcy and Rob like each other. And more Shay! I worry about Carmine. I admit Shay is not the top choice for a partner, but he should heed the others' warnings about Jackie. I hope Jackie does not hurt Carmine too much.
11/29/2006 c10 25Esquirella
Shay's right. And Shay's nice here, too. Carmine should give the poor guy a chance. Yeah, he's made mistakes, but so has Jackie, and Jackie hasn't owned up to them.
11/29/2006 c10 diebyownhands
I'm worried about what Jackie will end up doing to Carmine. I find it funny how he thinks he has no control when it comes to Shay but some control when it comes to Jackie. It seems to me that Shay is more willing to do anything Carmine asks for then (knowing) Jackie ever will.

Carmine seems really hung up on Shay's prison persona. I mean you see nothig but good from Shay (I mostly aw when ever he is in a scene)and hear nice things from co-workers the only one who sees him as a 'monster' is Carmine. Shay I think isn't hung up on Carmine being his bitch seeing it as something he did to survive prison and Carmine needs to also accept that he prison persona Shay had was also to survive prison.

(wow too early for all that thinking...sorry for rambling. I really like this story)
11/29/2006 c10 10afk
shy did he tell jacki all that stuff again? gawd gawd he's domed!
11/29/2006 c10 kanjil
I really can´t tell if Carmine is in denial about deeper feelings for Shay but acting like that he must have some issues. The more I learn about Shay the more I like him and for his sake I hope the consequences of Carmine´s talk with Jackie won´t be too bad. Your unsentimental way of describing persons with their good and bad points makes them so real. Simply great!
11/29/2006 c10 4mandrake-o
I repeat: Poor Shay. Carmine's such an idiot. I love this story. The end.

=) Mandraco.
11/29/2006 c10 redredredred
god, this story is f*ing awesome! I adore it! for some reason i hadn't gotten any e-mails about it and suddenly got one for chapt 10. I read it all in one go and was really engrossed in it. Keep posting, I love it! thank you
11/28/2006 c10 3BabyKeepItSurreal
Oh Carmine, stupid Carmine. He needs to drop Jackie, and fast. He let Jacke tie him up! That can't be good for his health or safety. I feel bad for Shay, but I'm glad he's taking things well, or seems to be. I hope him and Carmine can be friends. And now that things are cleared up with Shay maybe Carmine won't feel the need to keep Jackie around. But I have a feeling that little asshole is going to cause more damage...

Update soon! (Which you're doing a lovely job at!)
11/28/2006 c10 32eldrin
"You’ll soon find out, Carmine. Not to worry. We’ll all be there, ready to kick his arse, when he fucks you over." This strikes me as really sweet, especially since I get the sense that the guys would actually follow through with Shay's statement, even if only because they hate Jackie so much. ^_^

Great chap.
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