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for A Flower Quickly Fading

10/7/2007 c4 The Forest Whispers
Eep! You must continue! I was just getting into it too! (cries) Continue...or else...
1/11/2007 c4 7Chasing Happiness
I'm finally here to review.my internet had died for a while. Any way i understand about writers block i've had it many times but this chapter wasn't too bad. I would have liked a bit more but because you have writers block its understandable there isn't any more. I wish i could help you in some way. Just message me if you think i could help in any way.
11/15/2006 c3 Chasing Happiness
My favorite line out of this whole chapter had to be this one "Hey everybody! What's up? Does anyone have a large bruise on the inside of his or her leg right about now? Because I think I have a soon-to-be-a-bruise thing on mine." I don't know why but i cracked up. Any way yeah i would have liked a bit more of the story with all the explanation going on but other than that it was good as usual. update soon.
11/14/2006 c2 5SummerWind88
What the crap? This is out of control crazy. But in a good way. Are you gonna add anything on anytime soon?
11/14/2006 c1 SummerWind88
I finally found a story where I didn't have to force myself just to get through the first chapter. Well written introduction.
11/7/2006 c2 4predict.this
Yes. Pretty interesting is a good thing. Lol. Keep up the good work!
11/6/2006 c2 7Chasing Happiness
Ah i feel so special having a chapter dedicated to me. thank you. Any way back to my review i like the way you switch from the present to the past so easily and that it still makes sense at the same time.Also the way you explain the little details also caught my attention such as explaining what a raptor is made it that much more beliveable for me. keep up the good work.
11/6/2006 c1 Chasing Happiness
O you've rewritten and guess what I LOVE IT! Dare i say it even better than the first time. Can't wait for the next chapter so get writting update soon.
11/6/2006 c1 4predict.this
It seems pretty interesting. I think that you should work on your parahgraphing though.

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