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8/18/2015 c18 J.V.S
I loved this story Bravo!
3/31/2014 c1 9Vaxil T. Rookshire
Oh. My. God. Wow. I've only just read this, and I'm already insanely jealous! Forget what I've done, you have some hell of a writing ability! You now have a loyal FictionPress Friend
8/22/2013 c18 jerrellsgirl112606
I loved this story it was amazing!
1/31/2011 c5 564ShatteredButterflys
this is really good keep writing!
8/21/2010 c11 7gulistala
That's not fair! Ronnie's the same monster Cole is. Cole's problem worse!
8/21/2010 c10 gulistala
Oh no, he's going to ruin her isn't he? Oh no! No. Crap. I'm afraid to read on! But I'm also curious! =S
6/27/2010 c18 18Stephanie M. Moore
Great job!

This was a really action-packed story; I really enjoyed reading it! I thought you did a great job with your characters, and the story line was really captivating.

You do have the occasional typos (like using "to" where the correct form is "too") and a few places where you confuse some idioms. (For example, it made me laugh a bit where James says she had gone through life with blinkers on... I think you meant blinders...)

I can't wait to see more of your work as it comes out.

- Stephanie
3/13/2010 c18 2Usuicross
Awesome story. I loved it. Of all the falling-in-love-with-kidnappers stories I've read so far, yours is the best. I adore your vocabulary, and the way you portray your characters...everything, actually. haha. Somehow, your and mine main-character names matched. James is a weird name, though. XD

Thanks for the awesome story.

1/7/2010 c18 7Dustland
your story = happy me :)

i love all your stories :D
1/7/2010 c8 Dustland
...i blame her, she couldn't have made it easier for him sheesh! lol :)
1/7/2010 c2 Dustland
...he's so mean O.O
6/23/2009 c18 DestinySigns
hey, i just checked on this again: you finished it! yay! great ending, loved it :)
3/15/2009 c18 8LaGrid
wow...the ending was perfect. Strangely enough it reminded me of the ending in "Superman Returns" thing...except her Cole doesn't go flying into the night, or anything ridiculous like that. (kidding really, Superman rules in his own right)

Damyan. That's one unique name. I feel sad that Cole's life wasn't so brilliant in the beginning but I'm sure he'd make a great dad- if he's stopped going around killing, that is. James is also a unique name...for a gal. I can't remember if it's a nickname or her real name tho.

Brill story, damn I was meant to be doing my geo coursework which frankly was meant to be due one week ago, but no worries- stories like these can come and distract me anyday of the week:D:D

3/15/2009 c13 LaGrid
Aw...that chapter was well amazing. This is sexual tension at it's peak! Still loving the flow...great story!
3/15/2009 c10 LaGrid
Yay! I was right! But then I would never have guessed without the author dropping some major clues:):)

I like this story. Very nice.
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