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for Conversations With A Dead Girl

8/7/2008 c1 2Neo Amour
This story is so wonderful. I could read it time and time again.
8/9/2007 c1 sheluby94dreamer
nice. please write more. I hate waiting and I get so impatient.
5/24/2007 c1 9Nuvez
Wow. So now I’m hooked and waiting for the next post. Still have some typos but they are few and far between. I’ve enjoyed the story so far, the way the characters are described and the world around them as well.

Not to compare but I get a little bit of ‘Firefly’ flash backs reading this. Which is good because that was a good story as well.

I hope you get to finish yours.
11/10/2006 c1 SilentRiver
Really good, I liked the ending best. There was a part in the middle though that didn't flow as well as the rest of the story, but it was only a paragraph or two. I liked the characterization, and I didn't catch any grammar mistakes, so good job!

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