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1/14/2007 c1 82Riley Adams
Although you seem like you don't care too much for it, I thought it was a very nice and substatial poem.

Sometimes we need to write free verse, honest poems. Especially when it invovles relationships. I think that they're definatley the most cleansing. This poem is a true peek into your head, chalked full of sarcasm and bitter feelings.

I really really like it :)
1/3/2007 c1 612simpleplan13
Its not your best, but its well done.. its full of emotion and very true.. well done
11/27/2006 c1 102Midnight In Eden
It's very direct, in fact almost too much telling and virtually not "showing".

In poetry, in order to really interest your reader you need to create parallels, use imagery and metaphor. Give them something to empathise with but give it with interesting phrases and carefully thought out words.

Also "wreak" should be "wreck".

Hopefully that's helpful.


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