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for The Bitterness of a Crying Child's Tears

2/20/2007 c5 1chibi suppi
I loved it so far! I wish your writers block would disappear faster so I could read more... But Just for a fun side note, I found your profile off of 4chan! (And I'm glad I went there today, I usually don't.) But keep writing, I love horror stories!
12/18/2006 c1 2Bleu Mystz
This fic has some freaky shit. the man made my skin crawl but he will git his. Very nice.
12/7/2006 c3 3FoxyGrampa
The Endraris/Alexis relationship was a bit unexpected-but I suppose you didn't want it to be so obviously implied. Also there were some misplaced commas here and there...

But a good chapter. I wanna see how that guy died. You actually make me interested in seeing what happens next, which is something not a lot of authors can manage to do at an ameteur level.

Keep up the good work. n_n
12/5/2006 c3 1L.F. DiBello
Wow-this story is great-I can't wait to see what you dish out next! The first chapter was very creepy which is good since you wrote it to be that way. Not many things disturb me anymore because of current media-so for something you wrote to give me chills must mean it's good.

What I especially loved about your writing was the character development-and seeing the psychological effects that Alexis' past had on his life. It was very well done, and you even managed to hold the connection in the third chapter so I commend you for it. Many authors nowadays always make their own characters seem OOC, but you handled it well. Also, the way you handled the secondary characters was amazing-making them seem like natural encounters in Alexis' life and showing their personalities rather than just describing.

Except for a few grammatical errors (like misplacing comma's and accidentally switching from past to present tense a few times), and the Endaris/Alexis relationship coming from seemingly nowhere (although you probably wrote it to be like that) this is a very good story. Don't stop-I'll be watching. You have a good way of building suspense even with something as simple as finding a doll outside the door. If you have some time please take a look at my story too which also has partly to do with crime scene and such but under a much different storyline. Keep up the good work!

11/28/2006 c2 3FoxyGrampa
I'd raise the rating to M, just for the first chapter, if I were you.

Anyway, seems interesting. First chapter was creepy. Second chapter-omg, he has my name! Haha.

I'd like to see where this leads. I'll be reading the next update. n-n

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