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11/21/2006 c2 3Michael T.D
Completely sorry that it took me so long to shift you this review, but I haven't really had time for FP. Anyways, even though I'm usually not a person who's into romance, I really like what you've got here. I mean, it's almost impossible not to root for Michiko, and simultaneously scowl at Aiko. One last thing, I think you meant Michiko and not Aiko in the first few sentences of chapter one.
11/16/2006 c1 2Lady Shirabe
135? That's nothing! I have a friend who is around that weight and she's a rail! Big is like 180 nad over (like me).

I love the story!

:S. Devilin:
11/16/2006 c2 1RedArtifact
Poor Michiko, having to have a horrible sister and family. I really don't like her sister, she's so nasty.

Your story is really cool.
11/16/2006 c2 Blinking Cursor
That's is a good story...

I like it...

This kind of story can be related to real life situation...

What with having to deal with older sister, weight, perfection life, bullies and such...

Good job so far...

And don't forget to update!


Xaviera @_@
11/15/2006 c2 1Unlimited-Writer0526
this chapeter was really damatic i really liked it alot. keep writing please.
11/13/2006 c1 1RedArtifact
I really like your story a lot so far..You're a really good writer and the plot sounds pretty interesting and the main character sounds like someone a lot of people could relate to she's realistic..Hope you update soon.
11/12/2006 c1 12Succeeding At Failure
Awesome... I like the plot so far...
11/12/2006 c1 1Unlimited-Writer0526
i liked it alot. not only because of your writing skills but that i can relate to at least half of the story.
11/11/2006 c1 Stale.Cracker
Haha, I liked this =]. It was well written with no overexaggeration...keep writing n-n. Please review back =]]

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