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for Last Days of Eden

11/14/2006 c1 65Nemonus
Ah! Very nice. Excellent tie-in between the emotion and the imagery. Is fantasy only a result of loss? It is, isn't it...perhaps. Perhaps only escape is. Can fantasy exist without escape? Yo have caught me at a deep-thinking time, pardon. Your words in the poetry are well chosen and flow very well, carrying the audience through time. Maybe it's the lack of periods, which I was going to say is a bad thing, but then again maybe it's not. I'm unsure why certain words, especially 'Eyes', were capitalized. A nice image: "a garden full of sorrow,/Home to such spectacular magnetic magic,". Thank you for imagining this moment.
11/14/2006 c1 Fenriskjeften
Wonderful! I really enjoyed reading this one! You captured the desolation, yearning, and nostalgia for Eden's splendor in Eve's heart very brilliantly. It has a mournful and tragic air about it as well. Again, wonderful job!

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