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1/17/2007 c1 59The Jynx of Kari
Hey, I don't know if you remember my review for The club but I'm here again and Ive read your story and LOVED it. Anyone can relate to it and that keeps you hooked till the end. I really enjoy your style.
11/29/2006 c1 9M. Scalora
excellent! I love the subtleness and the ending.
11/19/2006 c1 6AtlanticHart
I love it...it starts out like a normal lovesick teenager talking but I was still creeped out all the same. Great job!
11/15/2006 c1 22Wolf Wonderer
OHH! That was a good twist! I love stories like that.
11/12/2006 c1 chronas
omg. OMG. that kinda freaked me out in the end...eep.
11/12/2006 c1 19Matet
oh crap man! that was effing good. i didn't even expect that anything like that would happen! i love it. nice job! XD

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