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4/6/2012 c8 5Serene devil
this is really, really good!
12/26/2011 c25 iamclan
this was such a lovely story, i wish there had been a sequel. i cried when Kouji was killed, i wanted him to live so bad! ughhh im a tad bit angry he was killed off, and the older sister oooweee i can just strangle her. I felt that she set them up for some reason haha...i wish you would write more stories though you are very good at what you do :)
7/2/2008 c25 2MamiPapi
Gosh! I'm really downright upset that Kouji dies! And I sorta half hoped that she would end up with Jin or something. The romance part of this story hasn't been resolved! AH!

Nevertheless, this awesome piece of work goes to my favs. :)
6/23/2008 c15 7Niki Tori
Gosh! She needed to chill out. Or sleep through it or something. She got kidnapped again. Dang crystal! Now it's getting really intense!.aWesome CHaPPiE!
6/23/2008 c14 Niki Tori
Sweet Crystal did it...but now she is freaking out. Poor Crystal. Great chapter!Kouji should take her home.
6/23/2008 c13 Niki Tori
I don't know which one I'd want to lynch maybe that jacka** body guard. Crystal should just pull the trigger. He was disgusting. Nonetheless a great chappie. I know exactly how you feel when you have to rush to finish. T_T. Anywho I loved the chapter.
6/23/2008 c12 Niki Tori
Omg! Suspenseful chapter!Crystal and Rena got kidnapped. I love the way you unfold this plot! Kouji is SO GAnGsTA! X 3 its so hot! lol.I loved how they all just whipped out the guns. OH THAT WAS SO COOL! lol
6/23/2008 c11 Niki Tori
God I haven't read this in a long time T_T. This was a sweet chappie. lol. poor Jin Getting walked out on and cussed out by drunk boys. =p That was funny! Can't wait to see what Ichiyo-san does next! Going to the next chapter! ^_^!
6/2/2008 c1 AranaBanana
Well hello there. I'm a fan of mafia fanfics, sadly there aren't many of them around, or atleast not enough for me, so I have to say I was really pleased with your fanfic. It was really awesome, I had a very good time reading it. Thank you, and keep it up =)
5/26/2008 c7 18Layla the fiend
What the hell is that guy's deal?

*singsong voice* Someone needs to go to therapy
5/25/2008 c3 Layla the fiend
How is it the wrong decision? If she had refused to go, she would have been murdered.
1/27/2008 c25 Savvy0X
Wow that was really depressing. Here I was thinking Kouji wasn't dead, and he ends up dead. Sigh...Oh well shit happens...It was a great chapter though, and I'm glad you left it open ended. I'd like to think that maybe Crystal and Hiro end up toghether, which leads me to my next point. You have the story under the genre of Drama and Romance. Honestly, I didn't think there was that much of either, especially romance, so I think it would be better if you changed it. Anyways, you were a fun author to talk to. This was a great stroy, and I look forward to reading more by you!

1/27/2008 c25 26Melladonna
I meant a different story, not particularly a sequel to this one. Although it would be interesting. Sacrifice is in a Trilogy (in which two parts are up) I'm just glad that all three parts of it are completely different and have very few cast members from the previous one. I think the only predominant character in all three is Hiroshima.

You're welcome! You're one of my favorite authors on Fictionpress and I was glad to meet someone who wrote in a similar way that I do.

I'm finally caught up on all of my updates except one which I'll do sometime this week.

I think I'll put you on my alerts list. Hopefully I can catch something else from the beginning of yours to say that I followed it to the end.

I highly enjoyed reading this work and I must admit, I'm a little sad to see it go. Then again, I'll be happy to read another story from you anytime.

Good luck in fiction, my friend.

*goes off to check reviews on her newly updated chapters of Sacrifice and Fractured Reflections, then goes off to write updates for next week*
1/27/2008 c25 H i b o u P i e
- a moment of silence please -

Awe, I loved the ending! Poor Hiro, i thought for sure Hiro would have been executed... but then i thought... no way cuz he's too cunning. I WAS RIGHT! Poor Kouji... he died...-silence + crikets-

Amazing story my dear, please... you have to come up with more crack for me.

*Sends cake*

Mkay, its a 5 layer chocolate with vanilla icying and strawberry encrusted sides. I send it by fax so you should receive it within the hour. If not, then i typed your address wrong and i lost an expensive cake... -.-


- Hachi (^3^)
1/26/2008 c24 Melladonna
Wow, what an intersting chapter! It was unexpected in some ways but in others made perfect sense. Poor Kouji though, I feel a little sorry that it had to end that way for him. Sorry for the late review. I had to update two stories (Fractured Reflections- which is a sequel of sorts to Sacrifice but you don't have to read Sacrifice to understand it and Sacrifice itself. Yes, I finally updated and my hands are tired. Chapter one of Fractured Reflections was almost 7 thousand words and Sacrifice's new chapter was close to 5 thousand words @ I'm all caught up now except for one story that I'll update in the middle of the week sometime.

You think I'm one of the busiest authors here? I probably am considering I don't know many authors who work on multiple stories with frequent updates. If it was a compliment then thank you, lol.

Wow, I can't believe there's only one more chapter left of this. I've been following it for a while, probably not since the beginning but a while nonetheless.

Do you plan on writing another story after this one is complete?
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