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11/27/2006 c1 5OTWriter
Oh God this is so true to a T! Gosh, I already knew all of this before you wrote it. But I thought Erin's eyes were green . . . or grey . . . gosh they're always changing! This made me smile so much. I always laugh when people think you're just sisters or cousins. You know half the choir kept asking me if you guys were sisters, even after you moved. Though, you know you are younger, being at the end of that twenty-nine minutes apart. Either way, you guys are still older than me! But you know what? It's less than twenty-nine days until I see you again! Yippee! Oh, and around me, Erin is SO not quiet! Hehe. Well, this has gotten lengthy enough. See you Christmas Day! I love you and your twin bunches!
11/17/2006 c1 10the coffee fiend
My sisters are twins, but rather than appreciate it, they've always fought it. They look similar enough to be recognised as twins, but they fight so fiercely to be different from each other and they hate that they're lumped together as "twins".

I once had to do the dishes (their chore) for a whole week because I referred to them as "the twins". :(

I like your approach way more. This essay explains succinctly how you've embraced your life as a twin, and used it to your advantage. The depth of feeling you have for your sister comes through well in this piece.

And since the last reviewer made a comment on it, I'll say that I personally really liked the line "A person’s skin is not just white, or black, or yellow to her, but shades of green, purple, and blue" because I paint myself, and that is exactly how one must look at colour to get a painting to have depth and life.

Anyway, great work!

the coffee fiend
11/17/2006 c1 1Formerly
"A person’s skin is not just white, or black, or yellow to her, but shades of green, purple, and blue."

So she's colorblind? What?
11/17/2006 c1 The Postscript
Great essay! I am a twin too, but it's often overlooked since we are different genders. If you were to compare and contrast us, I think it would be more difficult to find similarities than differences - but we still love each other and have that special "twin" bond, and I know I can always go to my twin for something.

My good friends are twins too, and one has red hair and the other has brown. I also know twins who were born months apart. I also know identical twins ... (lol you kind of become aware of all the twins in your life when you are yourself one ...)So it all depends. Great essay.

My only suggestion would be to split the paragraph that starts "The most glaring different ..." when you start talking about your personalities, beginning with the sentence "Along with our physical ..." because it is a change of thought. Other than that, good work!

Keep writing, k.

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