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11/17/2006 c1 16brokendreams21
Yay. This made me happy. (Opposed to bestbuy.ca, which made me unhappy.) Anyways, I can really imagine this as a song. It's time to dust off that piano and start writing a tune!

Reminds me of those happy times. Through the worst of it. I really appreciated the repetition that was used in this. =)

You did a great job. Keep up the awesome work!


PS "Strike up the band!" -P!ATD
11/17/2006 c1 8kaorayen
Whoops. I just realized a typo. Sorry about that. =)
11/17/2006 c1 9Sakura Taking
Nice to see you got over your writer's block. I really like this song. I hope you are going to make music to it =P... I think it would sound awesome! Okay so on to really reviewing your piece. I notice you've got rhyming going on in there...good job with those...they really make the song flow well. You have a knack of repeating phrases without actually making them seem too repetitive. I like the title, in my opinion it is perfect for this piece. Keep up the fantabulous work!

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