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11/19/2007 c1 33Opal Rose
Wow. I really like this. Makes you happy for life's surprises (the good ones, anyway) and not knowing what's going to happen tomorrow. Great job.
2/17/2007 c1 8AutumnRain16
This is really interesting. It really makes you think about life's surprises. It really would be weird and boring if you knew everything and knew what was going to happen. This poem is very well-written and I like it a lot. Very thought-provoking...
2/17/2007 c1 40Romanze
WOW! OMG! I love ur last few lines, this is amazing! It's extremely deep and yet has a light tone to it at points! Absolutely wonderful! You have amazing insight into trivial ideas.
11/19/2006 c1 31xForeverAndAlwaysx
OMG I love this! This is amazing.. and very true! You have a great sense of meter and rhyme here, so everything flows wonderfully. And I absolutely love the idea behind this. Your poem is beautifully written and definetely earned a spot on my favorites list. Great great work.

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