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for Down in Black and White

2/28/2007 c1 46antigonelives
That sounds EXACTLY like the things I have to write in school (minus the snark; sadly, I'd probably be shot if I were sarcastic or the least bit original in an essay)... I'm currently slaving over one now, so thanks for brightening my all-nighter!
1/18/2007 c1 20Once in a blue moon
I am absolutely convinced. I now see everything in photo negative style. Nice.

Thank you for poking fun at form essays. I love when I've been writing these simple, five paragraph essays all year and then my teacher asks five specific questions and expects this paper to somehow be two pages longer.

Yay for amusing-osity!
11/27/2006 c1 Para Noya
Marvelously clever, sarcastically hilarious (though I'm sure that phrase is not proper something-or-other), and an ingenious approach to the monotone of essay writing.

Good job!
11/18/2006 c1 52godsandstars
Dude, this is hilarious. I don't know what your grade will be but I enjoyed reading it.

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