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for Rewards

12/2/2006 c1 bipedalcooney
This is so beautifully written. The way you worded everything is wonderful and the passion in this is beautiful. Amazing work and keep writing.
12/1/2006 c1 63silentscreamer07
Wow...I don't know what I loved most about this..was it the way you beautifully worded this? Or how strongly you could feel the passion in between the words. This is really great! You did a fantastic job writing this, you really used some awesome lines, that really portrayed the feelings. Awesome job! Keep it up! and thanks too for the review! :D

11/20/2006 c1 23Forever Forbidden
I love your vivid descriptions that do not give mary-sue like qualities to your characters. The dreamy effect she has on 'you' is so strong, and word choice is superb. The narrator seems content just to bathe in the golden glow she enshrouds him in. Good job.


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