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for raining sunsets

1/9/2007 c1 2sicklysnowwhite
see the silhouette on the horizon

pitch black trees

burned crisp

by the sunlight

falling to ashes

from the storm clouds

that i love. very visually tasteful. going on favs.
12/9/2006 c1 1capriciousguy
i love how in the beginning your looking through the window and then your outside, and i adore how you discribed the clouds crying because they missed the sun. nd i find it amazing how you leave us feeling so empty at the end and feeling so alone. i miss the beams of radiance! i miss them!
11/21/2006 c1 The Intelligent Designer
Leaves you with a feel of like, peace man...nice I liked it, very pretty.
11/19/2006 c1 7Calliope Veronica
Your poem has potential, but a few times you changed the verb tenses. You went from "I watched" to "I'm watching",and it would have been better if you were consistant.

.:*§*:. Calliope Veronica .:*§*:.

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