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1/28/2008 c2 829Anaare
First of all, many thanks for the reviews and giving me a place on your favorite authors list. Greatly appreciated.

I very much enjoyed reading this song. I wish I could actually hear it one day. The imagery is keen and compelling ("echoes in the semblance of tomorrow") and the whole piece has a wonderful rhythm to it. Oh, I think the newer version is better. The format makes the thing flow much better. Excellent work!
11/12/2007 c2 14Queerest
I liked the 1st one better...but that's just me.
12/28/2006 c1 49The Reverse Edge Blade
I sure wish I could hear it with melody.

It was a little hard to understand fully, but I could tell it had a deep meaning, though I wasn't sure what it was.

I liked the rythm of the poem, even though it hardly had rhymes.

Keep at it, and write more!

The Reverse Edge Blade
11/21/2006 c1 56hellbentheretic
Not particulary sure if this works. I've read a few songs that people have put on this site and I never think it works the way it should. Now, I'm sure this sounds great when you're playing it, but it is very jaunty and start-stoppy (?) in its delivery here. I would attempt to put more life into it by changing the format drastically. The subject is great, but b/c there is not enough punctuation to tell me when to pause I feel like I'm watching it from a far instead of experiencing it up close.


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