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12/5/2020 c4 zagato
Wonderful story! I'm glad I found this. Thank you!
10/4/2017 c1 Guest
Ok first things first: I absolutely love finding stories about POC generally and Pakistanis particularly on this site, so thanks bunches for that.

Second, I enjoyed your writing style, flow, pace, pretty much all your characters, etc- except for Reyna. Honestly, she’s positively annoying and downright toxic. Hassan is by no means perfect, but he’s just much easier to empathize with. I think if I had known Reyna’s reasons for her actions earlier in the story (like the first couple chaps instead of the last) I would’ve disliked her less. But so much of this boiled down to awful communication and insecurity on her part, which I can (belatedly) understand but still not empathize or sympathize with, which makes it difficult to like the story overall bc she’s the main driver.

Nonetheless, despite my beef with your heroine, there’s no denying you’re a talented writer and I loved the Pakistani culture/Urdu/etc that you almost effortlessly weaved in.

Thanks and all best.
3/30/2014 c22 Raya
OMGG! You responded to my review! Ahh! Sorry for freaking out! I just love your writing! Specially this story! You have a way of making your readers feel connected to the character! I remember shedding tears and laughing along with the main character. You are Truly an amazing writer! Thanks for the info on medicine. I am currently in the process of studying for med school admission exam. God willing, I will be able to become a doctor like you! :) I really want to do pediatric or surgery. Sorry for this huge post, I had bit too much coffee too. Good luck with the medicine journey! And can't wait to read more of your writing! :)
3/25/2014 c1 Raya
Hey, I read that you are a doctor! What kind of doctor are you? I am interested in medicine so just wanted to know. Btw this story has been my favorite since the last couple of years! Thanks for updating :)
3/4/2014 c22 1violet-eyez
interesting story, it's nice to see a story about desi muslims
2/25/2014 c22 Saniaaa
Finally! Literally has been years...that's crazy. Glad you finally updated though...love that things are getting resolved and the cute moments between the two are divine! Hope it doesn't take as long for the next one..,I'll be waiting :)
2/24/2014 c22 9Saturnina Black
I'm still reading and was glad to see the alert in my e-mail this morning. :)
By the way I like long chapters, more to read. :D
2/23/2014 c22 3ColdWinter12
Omg. Finally! An update! This is one of my fav stories, and there's finally an update! almost couldn't believe there was an update when I saw the email. I'm so glad that those two finally worked out all that baggage. I mean seriously, they deserve to be happy after all of that. I hope that you update soon! I love reading this story and learning about all the rich culture. Really, please update soon! Two years is just way too long!
2/23/2014 c22 dina
I don't know but I still hate Hassan and I think she forgave him too easily. It doesn't feel like he explained it all that well about the girls and I couldn't trust him knowing the whole basis of our relationship was a lie and knowing he's even capable of pretending to feel something for me while going around with other girls behind my back.
And pretty words and promises are only pretty words after all.
5/19/2013 c21 leavemeialone
WHAT?! I seriously thought this chapter might have potentially been the end . . . or close to the end! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE! It angers me because after all there troubles, they finally get married and again so many more problems arise. I guess that is part of life, there will always be problems. I feel like I can really understand Reyna. I understand why she does what she does, her insecurities, and why she wanted to go out there. I do agree with Hassan, I miss her old self. I also miss her friendship with Sara, I actually can't believe Hassan cheated on her, even though it was technically a break. He seems like such a great guy and then you hear this and it really hurts. I wonder how the two will get through that. Well, I do hope you update when you can. :)
7/17/2012 c1 Guest
I love this story!
7/4/2012 c21 Guest
oh boy please don't make their relationship more complicated than it already is. I can't stand the unreasonableness of their point of views. But it is a good story and I do want to read more so please get another chapter updated.
5/17/2012 c21 2An Identified Nobody
heyy. its been too long since you updated. hope to hear from you soon :)
1/13/2012 c21 Nadia
OMG PLEASE UPDATE SOON. They can't break up again :(

Zara's being silly and refuses to read new chapters, she wants to read it all from the beginning so I can't even talk to her about it...

So much love for you and this story. You're making me wanna write now!

1/10/2012 c1 witeaya
its been so long since i first read this story.

im sorry to admit that most of the story line and details are sadly i cant remember anymore.i even cant remember i stop reading at which chapter.

but from what i remember of the story, i love the dramas.well, some of them.its interesting reading about other cultures in depth through stories.

i will have to reread this story from the start and i think im going to do that after the story is completed or else i will forget the details again.

im just glad that u continue to update ur story.

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