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11/6/2007 c17 13Purpleriho
YOU are freaking awesome...*tackles w/ love* do you perfer Yaoi manga or anime?
10/25/2007 c17 DeletionImminent
zomg. This is amazing. First transgender fic i've read that wasn't a creepy excuse for bad pron or yeah... it was more than 'hot gay sex in a dress.'

I love you for that.

Also becasue yous till included the hot gay sex *grins*

Kevin's damn cool- he's a very strong character, and i liked him.

Dani was cool as well, though i found that the fic focused more on Kevin's faults than hers... and she had some too.


Then again, i don't suppose the point of this was to explore the character flaws of the two main characters equally, really =p

You did an amazing job, really.


I'm just ecstatic to find a fic that handles this so well.

- Sy
10/18/2007 c16 Magnix
More than amazing.

I couldn't stop reading

Almost missed a day of school

Hopefully, you'll read my story once I put it up.

It's also yaoi/slash/whatever you may call it.

It isn't as controversial as your story in gender, but it is pretty damn controversial itself.

Maybe we can be writer buddies

I think I expect too much.T_t

10/13/2007 c1 15Switch
Hey, I just wanted to let you know this story has been added to the C2 Community, "High School Confidential," a place just for slashy high school stories. Please check it out! ^_^
10/9/2007 c17 35Crystal Child
This story melted my brain with it's goodness. As hard as it is to find TG fiction, it's so much harder to find GOOD TG. And FINISHED too. :D

This story has seriously made my two days it took to read. I'm definitely going to go check out your other works now.
9/14/2007 c17 poufpouf
Fucking *amazing* story. Just *brilliant* and God (Or should I write Gawd, instead? ;)) this is such a beautiful, *wonderful* tresaure I've had the chance to come across. Really one of a kind. Wow.

I still have some questions, and I wish there could be more, but that's okay. Because that's how I usually feel when I really LOVE a story.

It was... the perfect ending for this story.

You...You're great, really.

I just... *LOVE* it, you have *NO IDEA* how much.

Thank you.
8/16/2007 c9 AnnaG.Luv
ah man i expected something to happen but not that.

that's horrible.
8/16/2007 c2 AnnaG.Luv
Aww this story makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

So far at least. I'm only on chapter two so i'm sure there'll be some bad moments coming up.

Oh well...good stories are always worth it.
7/19/2007 c17 3crimsonbutterfly23
aw, that was such a great ending! the headmaster was such a...lol. music leads to dancing, and dancing to touching. U.U gotta watch out for that fo sho ha ha. great story, great ending, great characters etc etc. loved it!
7/19/2007 c14 crimsonbutterfly23
ha ha, the shopping trips were funny XD didn't even know what end tables were! i'm so happy that their relationship is going well ^^ honestly, what would kevin do without dani? lol probably be a bum. in an expensive apartment . ack, i'm reaching the final chapters! 0.0 my life will be worthless! *spent an entire night reading the chapters* ha ha
7/19/2007 c10 crimsonbutterfly23
wow. i commented on almost every chapter. god i'm a spazz! but i must say how happy i am! :D the thing i like about this story is that 1)tis funny, 2) teh characters! and 3) how things aren't completely perfect(like in a hopelessly sappy shonen ai manga XD though i do love those too) it makes it more believable. you know when to make things difficult for them and when to let up and allow them to have a nice time together ^^
7/19/2007 c9 crimsonbutterfly23
aw, poor danny! his poor bum! kevin...agh! such a typical man! . never wanted anything in return. HA. asshole . i know what danny DIDN'T want- to be bleeding from his behind. i'm sounding quite crazy aren't i?(luckily i'm not saying this all aloud...) i talk to characters, i'm sorry! XD *slams face into table* i'm upset now. but hopefully kevin will get his act together. i am intruiged about danny's "problem" too...great chapter(and story in general) :D
7/19/2007 c7 crimsonbutterfly23
:D yayness! poor kevin, such a conflicted bastard. dany(ooh-er hybrid of the two names!) is such a good person . such a nice chapter, can't wait to read the next one!
7/18/2007 c5 crimsonbutterfly23
:D yay! ha ha, i'm so happy! kevin's such a spazz, i would be freaked out if i was danny . "WTF? don't just say that randomly, it's freaky!" great chapter ^^
7/18/2007 c4 crimsonbutterfly23
ha ha, apparently a person with the same name as me is hot in bed! XD though she only has one N on her name U.U lol.

oh i just knew things weren't going to go well on dani's date! those guys were assholes . she still likes boys but she likes to dress like a girl! i don't see what the problem is . aw, they're sleeping in the same room =.= ha ha
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