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12/17/2006 c8 Orangeena
Looks like Kevin is thinking less of Danny the 'guy' and thinking more about Danny the 'person', less physical and definitely more emotional. Exciting! Perhaps soon Danny'll be on the receiving end of oral?

Cheers, happy writing!
12/17/2006 c8 3Inherent
I still love this story, my only complaint is there isn't enough description in scenes. Like in the scene with Kevin and his father, the impact of that scene would have been ten times more amazing if you had written descriptions about how they looked and what their emotions were. The parts in the sex scene were written with the amount of description other parts in the story need. Especially when Dani's mom told Dani that his dad writes gay stories. If my mom told me that I'd react to it more than just "he does?"

The last thing is you wrote that the dinner would be at 1 p.m. Isn't that a little early for dinner? I dunno. I might be wrong, but especially if it's a formal dinner, wouldn't it be closer to five?
12/17/2006 c8 UnOriginal
ek update im so slow at reviewing *bangs head on the keyboard*

ah they made up so happy coz they had sex aw that was sweet Kevins so nice ...

and the mom she so cute she like a lil fain girl and dressing up Danny like a doll ...

thats goOD that Danny's dad approves hm and a bout his job it reminds me about someone i know *shifty eyes* lol ...

Kevins dads sucks ...

update soOn

12/17/2006 c8 5GASPtrinitrotoluene
12/17/2006 c8 Betts
I don't write reviews for stories very often, because I'm not very good at it.

I just wanted to say that I really love the way you made the sex-scene sweet and emotional without going completely overboard and making it saccharine and unrealistic. It can be very difficult to get the balance right, so good job. :)

12/16/2006 c8 calamity jane
What a horrendous father! Ugh I just wanted to slap him! I had to laugh along with Dani's mom, they are just so cute together! I just luv the way Kevin & Dani keep working on their relationship and moving forward. Another great job and I'm still waiting to finf out Dani's other secret!
12/15/2006 c7 mc
hopefully you continue soon

love it
12/14/2006 c7 calamity jane
Oh the angst! Felt bad for Danny after Kevin ran out, but Kevin admitting to himself it's love, made it all worth it. You have me a little worried though, what's Danny's other secret? Thank you for another great update!
12/13/2006 c7 5Tsuta
This is a sweet story. You have developed the characters so well. I'm in love with Kevin hes so playfully stupid sometimes. The fumbling male I suppose. It makes me chuckle. I'm looking forward to an update!
12/13/2006 c7 25Esquirella
I thought you said Kevin was done maturing? LOL! No he isn't! He's still going at it. And he's doing a fine job of it. Now, what's Danny's other secret? I'm dying to know! GREAT STORY!
12/13/2006 c6 Esquirella
It was nice to see Kevin prove to himself he's not stupid ... and that he can stand up to Uncle Keith.
12/12/2006 c6 1Drarry Radton
Haha, I received your reply to my review. Sorry 'bout that 'update soon' thing. Didn't know you felt so strongly about it. But I guess it's... like a norm to write that whenever I review. Oo But whatever it is, take your time, I will still read it anyway. :)
12/12/2006 c7 Kitsune Luver
This is so damn sweet that my teeth may rot! I love love love it! Danny and Kevin are just so cute together. When are those two gonna get it on, anyway! I'm so glad that Kevin has realized that he loves Danny. Danny deserves someone to love him... namely Kevin. And he needs to learn to be comfortable with himself as well. Oh well. Please update soon! ^^
12/12/2006 c7 Orangeena
Man.. how did I ever miss this one? It's so wonderful; I love it!

Kevin totally won me over... until he left after they had sex! That must have killed Danny. Obviously Kevin was confused, but damn. Kinda cold.

Oh well, he's finally realized the feelings they have for one another, and I'm quite proud of him for that. Now all he has to do is win Danny over and make him believe he doesn't regret having sex with him. And.. one day he's going to have to return the favor in some way. He's right- sex is no one way street.

Cheers! Update soon
12/11/2006 c7 Drarry Radton
Love this story. Update soon, please.
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