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12/11/2006 c7 1mookyjoo
*squeal* That was so sweet :D I wish something like that would happen to me ^^" Haha. Anyway, the chapter was sweet, and lovely... And I'm hoping you update soon~
12/11/2006 c7 UnOriginal
ah i think i love this story omg

omg so funny all the things that happen ...

ek damn the blow job GO DANNY GO! hhehehe ...

yes kevin return the favor ...



12/11/2006 c7 4mandrake-o
I love this story. Though I'm worried that I won't like whatever Danny's issue is.

Also, I think Kevin could have pulled off a hand job. But that would have been far less dramatic.

=) Mandraco.
12/11/2006 c7 5GASPtrinitrotoluene
awesome story. there is going to be another chapter right? yes? please?
12/11/2006 c7 3Inherent
That didn't end how I thought it would (the part after the sex). But then again, not everything can be fluffy and romantic. At least Kevin addmitted to himself that he loved Danny. That was so cute. Now he just has to tell Danny.

What I really liked about this chapter was how you included what Danny and Kevin were thinking when they were kissing and it wasn't just 'we're horny, let's sex'. Well, it kind of was like that for Kevin but I liked reading about what Danny thought of him/herself when he/she was out of drag. That was really interesting. Anywho, I'm really interested to read the next chapter.
12/11/2006 c7 3Tvorceskiy
You know...I really hate Kevin for running out on poor Danny ;_; but then again..you can't just...HATE Kev...because he's just too...dumb and likable O_o;;
12/11/2006 c7 5Mister Cat
Hilarious... it's so funny... well... the sex was hawt... not really but yeah...it's good... so vivid... and it's about time Kevin realize it.. well keep it up and I'm waitin' for the next one... c ya
12/10/2006 c6 anon
haha that was interesting, go kev for being so outright! i really like your story, and keep writng!
12/10/2006 c6 calamity jane
Yeah, I was so happy to see you had updated! I can not say enough about the way you write these 2 characters and the way they relate to each other, it's a beautiful thing! Luv the scene with the Uncle, and the way Kev kept "accidentally" dropping priceless artifacts! LOL! Somehow I just knew the Uncle woudn't have a problem with Kevin & Danny. Glad Kevin has another supporter in his corner (ooh, that sounded terrible)! As always, looking forward to your next update!
12/10/2006 c6 4mandrake-o
Whee! I love this story. They both just make me feel all happy inside. Lol. I almost cried in chapter 5.

=) Mandraco.
12/9/2006 c6 2WickedRedHead
I LOVE this story! Its so sweet, well written, and the characters are awesome. Please update soon!
12/9/2006 c6 15x-kit-x
W-O-W! Hehe... just read it all and that's all that I have to say. I can't wait to read more and I hope that you update it soon. Good luck - obviously you don't need it!
12/9/2006 c6 2Rock on an Ocean Shore
OMG, this is such a cute story. Pretty original too. I'm glad you're updating so quickly. ^_^ I can't wait for the next chapter. Please write more soon.
12/9/2006 c6 3Inherent
Hehe. I like Uncle Keith. I liked him in the first chapter he was in, actually. I figured he was going to be okay with Dani and Kevin because Dani is so obviously good for Kevin. Anyways, I really liked this chapter and it was pretty long, too, which was awesome. Anywho...I can't wait to see what happens next.
12/9/2006 c6 3Abstruse Blue
It took some getting used to at first, but I like it. It's pretty amusing and interesting. Can't wait for more!
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