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12/27/2014 c17 Montel
This book was beautiful probably the best one I ever read. I loved all the characters Dani and Kevin were such good and Dynamic characters. I would love someone like Kevin in my life and Dani was so lovable. However the epilogue disappointed it was not the ending I was looking for I think it would have been bothDani and Kevin were both in saying they love eaxhoter or something otherwise really good book.
12/17/2014 c1 eucebo
I really liked it! Is there any way to download the full story? I much rather read in my e-reader instead of the pc... I can come back to make comments here, but I really want to read it there 3
11/2/2014 c13 Guest
10/20/2014 c17 PencilsCameras
Haha, great book. Love the ending. (I really need to start favoriting things now...)
9/5/2014 c17 7TunglMed
Love this story, it's the first one I've really got into in a while. I LOVED how the whole school joined in trying to get on 'the list', great idea, but think you went a little OTT with the headmaster at the prom :/
Also, I've been wondering this the whole time, how does she know when someone is calling her Dani or Danny - surely they sound the same?
8/26/2014 c2 3SoulRyder15
You know...I've been to quail springs mall a lot...I love running into places I know of in stories xD
8/20/2014 c17 1A Smouldering Soul
This was a really good story. I often don't read MTF more so I enjoy FTM, but it was a good story none the less. I liked nearly the whole story.
8/6/2014 c17 3
not bad but i would have love to hear from kevin
7/4/2014 c5 Flutterfly11
It's finally happening! Like the change in name and pronoun, help us notice also Kevin's pov.
7/4/2014 c4 Flutterfly11
Like how they're good at talking and communicating! And remember what they already talked about...
7/4/2014 c3 Flutterfly11
I'm a little dumbfounded... This Uncle is such a hardass...
7/4/2014 c2 Flutterfly11
Oh yeah he's intrigued!
7/4/2014 c1 Flutterfly11
I found about your story and ran rightaway to check it out and it's very intriguing and the characters very likable. I'm very excited to continue!
6/26/2014 c17 1incrediblectopus
What an excellent story. Thank you for sharing it!
6/8/2014 c17 moms5thchild
This story was recommended to my by my ex-husband, who is now my ex-wife. We get along much better now as best friends than we ever did as husband and wife. Some of the 'feelings' Dani had about her body Shelley (her new name) had, but after 15 years of marriage and the increasing bad feelings and mutual confusion things had to change. That was 14 years ago and when Shelley had her gender re-assignment surgery I went with her. We Skype almost daily and are close again.
This story fits so well into what I know about the gay and transgender community. I don't know if I am an outsider or is I am a supporter but I do know that personal happiness is important and your characters found that happiness through their love.
You are a fine writer. Spelling and grammar mistakes jar me out of stories and your work only drew me in further to your characters world. I know a few professional writers and your are just as skilled as any of them. I do hope you are using your talent because it would be such a waste to let something so good go. I will be reading your other stories and hoping they are at the same standard of writing as this one.

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