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12/28/2008 c2 LethargicLove
For some reason, I always believed that Anna never actually became a party girl and that it was all Jack's prejudice that affected his perception. I can't wait to see how the story continues to develop though.
4/22/2008 c1 2meiilove
this is great =]

im definitely following this

update soon!
4/20/2007 c2 rocky19
i like this story, hope you update soon
2/4/2007 c2 1jeudie
I like the story so far. Interesting plot and interesting characters. I'm just waiting for more chapters so I can learn more about Anne and Jack!

Keep it up.

- Jeudie

P.S. I loved this line from chapter one: "What’s yours? Jack McFarlane?"

12/1/2006 c1 LethargicLove
I don't think that I've ever read a story with a plot like this before. In a site where quite a large amount of the stories are very original, this is quite shocking. I hope you keep on writing. Just wondering, are you thinking of switching points of views between Jack and Anne?
12/1/2006 c1 13xtotallyatpeacex
Hey, this looks pretty good so far. Yeah, that's pretty much all I have to say for now... Update soon! :D
12/1/2006 c1 3Da Vinci at Work
Very well written. It gets right to the point. :D

Update soon!
12/1/2006 c1 I Have Moved
Awesome start! keep it up, I'll definately be following!

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