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12/17/2007 c31 2mia5081
I'm going to kill Jason. Trust me, when I get through pummeling him through the computer there won't be anything left of him that Zander will be able to deal with lol.

Update soon!

12/17/2007 c31 17witchwriter
CRAP! NO, NO, NO, NO! please don't do this! make it some other conflict, anything other than this!
12/17/2007 c31 windybidindy
whoa! where the hell do u get ur ideas from? -lilazndork
12/17/2007 c31 jenniff
omg poor zander! and zoe!

12/17/2007 c31 3Kyrina
aaw thats so sad but she could have done something to stop him, oh well great chappy please update soon!
12/17/2007 c31 MK16
Oh My Frikn GOD!

Dont u DARE let ANYTHING more HAPPEN with Zo and Jason!

OMG! why isnt she running away! why isnt she doing somthing?

haha Zander is awsome :P

12/16/2007 c31 1September Sapphire
oh my god! what a perfect name for a sleazy asshole Jason Stone..i know a guy with that name and he's pretty much exactly like ur character its uncanny. Anyway Jason should die Zoe needs to stop listening to people and ZANDER IS FREAKING AMAZING...i want a Zander :(
12/16/2007 c31 a.mooch
No...! Ah, why isn't Zoe screaming or something?
12/16/2007 c7 1Elegantly Lovelyy
update soon
12/16/2007 c31 2DLG903

what a douche.
12/16/2007 c31 yayawhynot89
I'm kind of angry with Zoe for not screaming or putting up more of a fight :/ but i hope things get better and not worse
12/13/2007 c30 yayawhynot89
more please ? :)
12/6/2007 c30 Amber Salgado
that is cold what the hey i mean seriously does she blond herself up or stay punk? i need to know and come on update dude i love the story im so in love i want to kiss it but that would be a bit weird so just hurry and update :)

12/5/2007 c2 Amber Salgado
i like the story so far
12/4/2007 c30 5Briar Rose 05
it was good. not exactly what i expected but good. keep going. you've got an amazing story line, now you need some plot twists in there. maybe even some minor contact between the characters to add a little spice. keep up the good work.
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