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4/29/2008 c1 Amber Salgado

since i have read your story and loved it can you do me the itsy bitsy favor of reading my first ever, baby story I Am Brandy Williams

thank you,

3/24/2008 c40 2Shelbaybayz
I like the story alot, but like it seems something is missing idk.

Are Zoe and Zander going to stay together?
3/18/2008 c40 17witchwriter
ok it took me forever but I finally got around to reviewing.that chappy was short, but it was good in a depressing sad way...crap now I'm depressed!evilly sincere
3/11/2008 c40 ConverseKicker16
OHMEGAWD!...wow, that was creepy. LOL! mkay, I LOVED IT! SO GREAT! and what great love story DOESNT have a banishing scene! lol, really great! UPDATE NOW! no, not when your done reading your reviews; NOW! GO NOW! have a banana nut moofin!-Chex
3/11/2008 c40 MsMouse
;-; Poor Zander. I feel really bad for him. :(

I've actually been reading this story for a while, but I don't review on chapters unless it's the last one available. ;) I probably should, but...oh well. So, I really like this story. ^_^ The characters are described really, really well, so I can totally imagine them. Zander is a guy every girl should want, isn't he? ;)

I just don't really like zoe. (Not to offend you, of course) She's a bit of a pain sometimes. :P I mean, how the hell could she still love Jason? O_O (Just a question: he DID rape her, right? ) I know I'm no good at critiqing stories, but if it makes any difference...Keep writing! I definitely wanna read more. :)

3/10/2008 c40 hartluvr
keep on writing, love.

you're doing fine.

update soon. plz? (puppy face)

3/10/2008 c40 14Irony's.Last.Words.Were
yay! more to read! lol. i'm glad you've updated more, recently. I enjoy reading this story so much. and i'm also glad you thought out the end, because it kind of seemed like it was dragging on for a while there.

Anywhoo, I don't really have much to say on the subject of critiquing. And I hope you update soon, because I am uber excited to see what happens!

Always, Irony
3/9/2008 c21 ConverseKicker16
HOLY CRAP! THAT "TYPICAL" BIOTCH! ER! sorry, i havnt reviewed this story my friend and i were reading it together and we wanted to see what happened! love it so far by the way. AND THAT GIRL SHOULD JUST GO DIE! LITTERALLY!...gr...anyone have a pitchfork?torch? SPORK! lol..have a muffin!-Chex
3/9/2008 c40 a.mooch
Ah, the cutest thing in the world! LOOVE IT! But I want to see Jason's butt kicked! That's bad, my cousins name is Jason... (he's uber nice)
3/8/2008 c40 1September Sapphire
gr zoe frustrates me! i hate jason stone
3/8/2008 c40 MK16

so sweet!

but i still dont get how Zoe could STILL love jason! pfft he's a major ass if u ask me ^^ probably worse..

haha but great job!

cant wait for the next update

! XD
3/8/2008 c40 12Hidden but Seen by All

but boo on the content of the update YOU IDIOT ZOE!
3/8/2008 c39 2meiilove
oh emm gee!

i cant believe she did that! but i knoe how she feels...=/
3/8/2008 c40 4Yuura
Hm...it's interesting really. I'll be looking forward to your next chapter then. :)
3/8/2008 c40 1Alex J. Carter
Oh my love. I love it. Zoe is so... I have no word... But anyway, I so can not wait for the next couple of chapters, I want to see what happesn to Jason Stone. He is so going to DIE!

Much Love.

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