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for Love and Hate from A to Z

3/7/2008 c40 2Silly-girl15
Good chap! :) :)
3/7/2008 c39 MK16
-glares at you-


zander cant leave!

jason sucks!

and zoes an idiot!

but im loving this story :D haha

keep the AMAZING job up

3/7/2008 c39 4Yuura
*New Reader*

Wow...not bad. It's really good. I'll be looking forward to your next chapter then. :)
3/7/2008 c39 1Alex J. Carter
My love, I don't really know what I think of this chapter.

You know I want Zoe with Zander, so yeah, this chapter made me a little depresses. Oh I broke my finger... yeah. hows your leg?

But seriously, continue the story. You know it is great, so I want the rest of it.

3/7/2008 c39 2Silly-girl15
good update! :)
2/25/2008 c38 17witchwriter
yes tell that other voice to shut up. that's what I do w/ my other voices, hehe. sincerely evil
2/23/2008 c38 1Alex J. Carter
Oh for the love of god woman, I hope your happy... I finished you story, so now you need to seriously up-date. I so love it... And I'm still sticking with my "Zander can give Edward a run for his money" in the perfect guy department. Anyway... I love the name of the story, but if I can think of something better I'll let you know at school...

I am now your faithful bestfriend reviewer... You'll never get rid of me now... MUU-HA-HA-HA (evil laugh) love ya.
2/23/2008 c27 Alex J. Carter
Hahaha your so right, Zander is perfect... I think he could give Edward a run for his money... (I'm almost done reading, and then I'll be all caught up) Love You... ttyl
2/22/2008 c38 8Veronica Kimble
yeah. was a tad confusing in the begginning, but otherwise, all was good. it made more sense in the end. cant wait for the next chapter!

2/22/2008 c38 12Hidden but Seen by All
more than scary they're TERRIFYING!

good job

2/22/2008 c38 8JaseRaee
he is "her zander" so her subconscious can shove it!


i love this. It's got all the real life things.

"Love and Hate from Screen to Screams"

or is that still too long.
2/22/2008 c38 a.mooch
NOO! Keep the title, I like it :D

And I LOVEE the story :D:D:D
2/21/2008 c38 MK16
i feel really bad for zoe, urgh i wish jason would burn in hell :D

haha loving it to PIECES!

keep it up

2/21/2008 c38 Hazelnut Romance
phew... zoe's a real big mess. jason really deserves to die. he is so fricking heartless!
2/21/2008 c38 stevie miss amazing
er...panic attacks...

yeah... they are scary, like you dont know unless youve had one.

this chapter was amazing

i love the whole subconscience thing

is she gonna be a new charachter too?

and whats with her checking out Jer?

this is just amazing ceira!
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