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12/3/2006 c2 8Allegra Lena
Okay, I adore this story so much. I really want an update soon. I already think Zoe and Zander sound so good together. That proves they belong together, like Peanut Butter and Jelly.
12/3/2006 c2 22Daydreamer-angel
im lovin dis, points 4 creatvity = 25, updte dis abbes luv ur story Daydreamer x
12/2/2006 c1 7WalkingWithAGhost
I love it. It has real potential and I'm looking forward to the first chapter. Keep up the good work!
12/2/2006 c1 3The Ferrett
m curious... wil watch with interest. Maybe i might become a regular u never know just update regularly as this sound good. visit me sometime if you want.
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