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for Waiting for Ray

4/30/2007 c1 7Clandestiny
I am very fond of this story...it's going in my favorites, definitely.
3/2/2007 c1 166openmouthblues
Hmm... It has a familiar ring to it. *laughs* Sounds like my own life. Except I'm not on pills.

Nicely written, again. Bravo.

I especially like the ending...you seem to have good endings.
12/18/2006 c1 1LittleRedRodeo
So, is this a forerunner for 'The Heirs'? Just curious to know if this ties in with Francis's current character.
12/3/2006 c1 24Limited Edition
Lovely first sentence. So much in it, so many questions! It sucked me right in. The descriptions are smooth and serve the story, I like that. I love that there is so much left to the reader, I admire that actually, I have problems writing like that. There is much information revealed, yet it leaves place for questions. I'm not sure I like the ending. It is abrupt like it should be for a short story, but it doesn't have the same effect. Good job!
12/3/2006 c1 51Kusje
I didn't see the last part coming, but when it did, it put a smile on my face.

Lovely poem. This is one of my favorites I've seen in a while.
12/3/2006 c1 6Vinnie K
V. manipulative and interesting, well done. :o)
12/3/2006 c1 55Thurayya
wow, i did NOT see that one coming! great execution, i must say. extremely well-written.



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