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4/14/2007 c1 GriffinKnight77
It's been a while since I've first read it and my memory is failing, so what changes you have/have not made I may/may not have noticed. After a second read, it's all the more better. I love the concept of the Lunarians, be they human or something alien, teaching Earthlings an important lesson in not breaking things, no matter the means by which the Earthlings will be taught. It creates a lot of suspense of what may happen in the future. Great job on the writing!
12/4/2006 c1 5GriffinKnight77
Very interesting storyline - people of the moon assaulting Earth. Don't take the following criticism too harshly: I am a very picky sci-fi writer and aim for accuracy and whether or not something like people of the moon conquering Earth could realistically happen. It is unclear whether or not the people of the moon are actually aliens or if they are humans who have colonized on the moon.

If they are aliens, then they would need to live on the dark side of the moon to prevent Earth's discovery of them. Simultaneously, an alien race living on the dark side of the moon would have no clue that Earth existed, since they would never see Earth.

In terms of ground-to-space nuclear missiles, they would need a lot of fuel to break through Earth's gravity and go to the moon. Another thing: it would take three to four days for the missiles to reach the moon from Earth.

The moon is also much bigger than you think: it has as much land mass as South America and Latin America combined. If you had enough nuclear weapons to detonate at the same time, it might be possible to blow up the moon entirely, but it would be GREATLY illogical to do so! There would be no more tides and coast-lying cities such as New York, San Francisco, and many other major cities would be drowned! Not to mention Earth would be barraged by a shower of whatever of the moon is left, possibly plunging the Earth into a sudden "nuclear" winter (without the radiation).

I also find it illogical for there to be no military security on the exterior of the military base. If there were nuclear weapons ready to be fired in an area, I would imagine there would be quite a force guarding it. However, I have a few suggestions for you to solve this problem:

Fletcher disguises himself as a soldier/military personnel and sneaks into the control room.

The firing controls for the nuclear missiles are computer-controlled through a network of military computers. Fletcher could hack into the network and order the missiles to fire.

Happy writing and may I hope that we did NOT blow up the moon (it would truly be tragic for Earthlings everywhere).

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