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for The Smile Widens

8/4/2018 c1 19hazeleyes627
awww... that was one of the sweetest things i've ever read. )
7/27/2012 c1 1Nuitdemeztli
awwwww very very cute story!
10/21/2009 c1 sern
sweet as anything. :)
6/1/2008 c1 5x-princessa-temnoti-x
5/9/2007 c1 5Matt Miller
YAY! a gay story with a happy ending. it is perfectly flawless
1/24/2007 c1 2RhinSama
Wonderful. I LOVED it. Althrough I will say that you need to edit this a bit more. Watch your spelling and such. Other then that it was truly well written. Keep it up.


The Golden Viper
1/4/2007 c1 4Isidris Gry
Cute! I love the picture of him laying on the roof with dew in his eyelsashes and on his hair!

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