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12/8/2006 c2 3Simfreak111
very interesting and you added names! yeah! keep writing i look forward to more
12/8/2006 c2 5Pokey831
This story seems like it's going to be one to keep people guessing as to what happens next. It's mysterious in a way, but thats a good thing. You write well, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
12/7/2006 c2 Sonyashinto
Cute. update more.

Ja-Ne =^_^=
12/6/2006 c1 3Simfreak111
wow this is deep and you should definitely continue with it
12/6/2006 c1 5Pokey831
I like the way this was written...the introduction, and then the different points of view. I hope it isnt finished, because I want to see where this goes. Good character development, too.

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