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for Love Or Something Like It

3/23/2007 c2 2Crystal109
Wow. I love the contrast to the first chapter. I must admit, though, I'm rather confused as to whether these are the same people from a different perspective and a different time or if it's another couple with a different kind of ending. My AP Lit analysis that I'm learning is coming in handy here, haha. The similarities and differences with chapter 1 is just amazing, and it's really interesting to see how nothing is truly perfect. I hope you provide an interpretation of what you were thinking, though, because I'm really interested in whether or not I'm even close to that kind of analysis. =) It would just suck if I interpreted everything differently, and it always makes me feel bad when I do, kind of like insulting the author in a way. Well, looking forward to more from you! (And wow, sorry for the long review. For such a nice, short, concise chapter, I provide such a long convoluted review...my apologies.) =)
3/6/2007 c1 8aragon asten
undeniably swet
1/30/2007 c1 11Luv and Peace
1/18/2007 c1 5kallyandstephanie05
aw. This is cute. I love how you put it together, with the thoughts in parentheses. It's short and sweet. Perfect.
12/18/2006 c1 bansira
Okay, that was funny! xD

Really nice idea. Love the parts in italics...
12/17/2006 c1 72Forget-The-Sorrow
Nice... very funny!
12/12/2006 c1 RedBerries
Cute. That's the only way to describe it.
12/8/2006 c1 whacked
So I was just about to go to sleep, when I decided to do a last second test on who has updated. And I see this. It was adorableness to its maximum (a good thing i promise you).

I'll be sleeping with a smile on my face tonight.
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