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1/15/2007 c1 16Yeeger
I love the simplicity, yet deeper meaning. And the rhyme scheme was superb.

12/10/2006 c1 10Sunbleached
wow that was really pretty.Good job
12/9/2006 c1 1J'Adore Les Phoques
I love it! I love the rhyme, the rhythm, and what I think is the deeper meaning. Love it!

12/9/2006 c1 Cesalie Chase
So short, yet so amazingly profound! I love the style - the parallel structure of the two stanzas is a nice touch. And that's to say nothing of your beautiful choice of words. Such an awesome way to think about something so simple as color and light...

12/9/2006 c1 59Frore
Aww, very cute. I like the observation of it.
12/9/2006 c1 4Sakka-Fenikkusu
I repeat - catchy.

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