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11/8/2005 c16 KaronePrincess
Aw...this is a lovely story story really!

Please update this story!

She is so beautiful!

Their connection is nice!

Pleas FINISH this story! I'm looking forward to reading this!

My email is

1/3/2003 c16 CelticStorms
I realy love how this story has developed. I looks like you about ready to tie up all the loose ends. I wish you further luck on your story and hope you will wrie more.
4/28/2002 c14 4Alltimate
Please continue the story, I really want to know how it ends!
1/11/2002 c9 CelticStorms
PLEASE write more, this story is verry amusing and good.
1/4/2002 c15 Alltimate
12/29/2001 c16 Alltimate
This is a great plot! I hope you can fix your writer's block problem... BTW, how old is Tameron and Serenity?
12/2/2001 c16 Natasha Browning
well itza BOUT TIME ya wrote more! ...this is too good... WHAT IS THAT FLASHLIGHT? ...well, I guess it's not really a flashlight... duh. MORE! ...pleez.
12/1/2001 c1 1dragondancer
i liked it it sort of had a fairytale element to it .

I cant wait to read the rest
7/22/2001 c15 Quartz
Ooh, a scary prophecy-book! Heh...who's gonna die? This is a kick ass story...please keep writing! And I *totally* can sympathsize (spelling?) with you about the computer thing. *g* Next chapter please! - QUARTZ, the psychodelic moron and leader of the "Q"s (!)
7/21/2001 c14 Katramarina
Hiya! Kewl! I like it, as usual. Please hurry. By the way, I share a computer with my brother and sister, so I understand.
7/21/2001 c15 1Slightly Eccentric Mushroom
Ooh, suspense... I have to sympathize with you about internet-hogging sister, since one is one too many for me... but didn't Romeo stab himself? it's been a while since I read R&J... oh well, please write more, pretty please!
7/7/2001 c14 Quartz
*cheers* Yay! I read the whole story (so far) in...*squints*...two hours? Damn! Well, it was worth it. I was too lazy to review the other chapters, but I thought I'd yell at you to keep writing. Loved this chapter, loved the story, now I gotta see what happens next! Next chapter plz! *g* - QUARTZ, the pyschodelic moron
6/21/2001 c14 Natasha Browning
WRITER's BLOCK WHAT KIND OF EXCUSE IS THAT WRITE MORE THIS INSTANT! There, I've done my bit of yelling, so just get back to writing... ok, I think that Montredomous is gonna have a much harder time breaking up Tameron and Serenity at this point, but then it gets more EXCITING! So write it, already!
6/21/2001 c14 Topaz Tribal
You had better finish this story, girl. If not, I may be forced to do something violent. (cracks nuckles) But, on a lighter note, awesome chapter. It seems that Tameron is softening up. Remember, the best way to break a man down is heat and pressure. Hehehehehe. Hurry up pn the next chapter. I want to see one by the time I get back from Mexico. You have until July 1st. The clock is ticking. Hehehe. I'll bring ya'll back a gift. It may be a crappy gift, but I'll bring some. See ya' later. ^.~
6/21/2001 c14 2Chit Chat
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