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9/27/2007 c1 24Limited Edition
I'm not fond of the way Tracy is portraid. It's stereotypical. Omaygawdx0rz liek that fugly biatch is just there screaming OMAYGAWD!

It gets rather interesting when Cale is crying hahaha. But the reason wasn't so very interesting.

The language flows nicely and it's easy to enter the story.

The way they say "I love you" is...I don't go AW! But the way the nuzzle is cutesy!

Well cute haha
9/9/2007 c6 3Back of Beyond
Great story! Hope you update soon. :3
8/15/2007 c6 only slightly insane
you really need to update this, it isn't very fair to leave your readers hanging, no? Anyways, wonderful fic, keep up the good work. AND UPDATE SOON!
8/5/2007 c6 abc
update! update! update!

please kill tracy. just a favor :D
7/5/2007 c6 4Being in Room 101
Can't wait til next chappie :) I really like all thge characters, but one question...when's the sex coming?
6/26/2007 c6 1Broken Wrist
I think they make and adorable couple and Dam should just get over his manly pride and admit he's gay. Is it prounonced Cale (as in long a? ex. take?) or Cal (like at)? Cale seems spastic and very random, but is a rockin character. Dam sounds likes he in denial. Like I said before, forget the fucking pride and admit your gay! Back from rank in la-la-land (which I have a habit of visiting) I think the story rocks and should be continued, rain, sun, or snow. Tracy sounds like a bitch, although we have no reason to hate her, even though she does wear the color pink! GROSS! Rock on dude. I think slash stories rule.

6/16/2007 c1 4HotTimali
Aw...yeah they should go out, n Dan should ditch Tracey - Urgh, she sounds horrid!

x x x
6/10/2007 c6 3Fujoshi Sama
Yayy! I like this story, it's well written, and I can tell there's a lot of heart in it. I really sympathize with Cale and Dam (Dom?) about their relationship. I actually know someone who had a very similar issue with their now-boyfriend. Anyways, really spectacular job. Keep on writing le awesome.
6/10/2007 c6 ks darkstorm
Loved the new chapter, really, really great. Can't wait for the next one. Brilliant.
6/9/2007 c6 This Account is Abandoned

I'm so happy you updated!

Just wondering, but did you mean to do the whole bullying thing from the beginning? Because if so, it's kind of weird that it wasn't mentioned before... or was it?

Anyway, love the chapter! Please update soon! :D
6/8/2007 c6 7Love Eternally
hey, awesome story. i love it so far. update soon please?
6/8/2007 c6 17Sarrasanne

I agree; it does seem a little bitty in the middle, especially when Cale's describing his thoughts etc.

But that last bit was so well written that it TOTALLY outweighs everything else! a-ma-zing action description ^^

As for my name, I had to write a creative writing coursework in yr 9. It features a humanoid-vampire-guy (Miias) walking through some woods with his mentor (an elf - can't remember her name). Anyway, they get ambushed, and just before dying she tells Miias to help the elf princess (trust me, it's not this cliché on paper) and to seek Sarrasanne. She's a kickass half-human half-element witch who's trying to die (but failing, cause she's a half-element and it's not working) by doing crazy stuff like jumping off cliffs and fighting monsters four times her size... and SHE'S pretty tall.

I just liked the name ^^ so now I use it all over the internet. If you go to w.sarrasanne. and into my gallery, you can see a pic I drew of Miias doing some magic.
6/8/2007 c6 1DRAGONFIRE04
PLEASE UPDATE SOON. I like this story so much.
6/8/2007 c6 20210403
Oh, I've got my wish, you've updated!

Having seen how supportive Cale's family is of him, I didn't really think of what Dam's parents were like. I think, briefly, I wondered how Dam's parents took to him having a gay friend- but now I see that they didn't realize that till now... Kudos to Dam, putting up with Tracie so he could stay with Cale.

I hope you'll be able to update sooner for your next installment- I really want to see the two lads confess and make out and love each other... _;. Ugh, sorry, my brain is partially asleep.

Love the writing as always,

6/8/2007 c6 4Amindaya
I saw the alert for this and I thought, "Hmm, Life Support. What's that?" So I clicked on it and saw the names Dam and Cal and thought, "Psht. I don't know who these people are." So I went to the previous chapter and read...and then I realized that this is one of the stories that I REALLY like on this site. So yay. More soon, I hope.
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