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3/23/2007 c4 20210403
O M G. Bloody fantastic! *wipes the long train of drool from chin :D~* Written poifectly- Cales voice- omg, I can hear him speak lol. He reminds me of my friend, very blunt and straight forward. He calls her a bitch and whore so many times xD. He's so adorable lol.

Write more please :D.

Luff luff luff~

2/26/2007 c4 16Painted Desert
i hope you write more of this soon.
2/17/2007 c4 2oh frenzy
You have a new devotee! This story is simply amazing. 43 CHAPTERS? WO HO! Please don't get half way in and let me down! =D!
2/11/2007 c4 1False Alarm
It's actually good that Dam isn't going to accept his homosexuality just yet because the longer he fights it the longer there will be hot awkward situations ^^. Besides, it's really only natural that something like that may be difficult to accept, like you said.

Anyway, Cale should really tell Dam about Tracy cheating on him although I fear he will get mad and direct it at Cale. But he won't, right? Well of course not, he just chose Cale over Tracy! Which I think is totally adorable.

What's this, by the way, am I sensing something from Collin, hmm?

I loved the ending. If that doesn't give Dam away, I don't know what does. The last line is wonderful.

Great job, bye~
2/9/2007 c4 Orangeena
Dude.. how did I miss two chapters...

Anyway, hurrah! It seems likes Dam and Cale may reveal their true feelings for each other quite soon. Sooner if Cale tells Damn about his bitch cheating.

Which he totally should. Speedily.

And even sooner than THAT if the next chapter begins where this one left off.. and consists of one of the two making a move. I vote yes on that one.

Back to the last chapter.. I can't believe Cale accused Dam of being gay! I mean, yeah I'm sure it's obvious to him, but there really is no better way to alienate a deeply closeted friend than by calling them our on their homosexuality.

But they love each other and are seemingly willing to forgive and forget all angry blunders.

Love. Cheers!
1/30/2007 c3 17Sarrasanne
"PS: I'd totally do anything if you'd review. :D" Zomg u shud not have sed that... for I am reviewing, and I am requesting more hawtness from teh boys in upcoming chapters! sque! excellent emotion from Dam - you have his feelings (and ass) nailed.

Luvin this to bits, Sa
1/30/2007 c2 Sarrasanne
Aw! Cale is so sweet! Pity he's gay.. ahem. Nice description of Dam (also hot) and I like the difference in narrative styles.

1/28/2007 c3 93Venustas iaceo
Fourty three chapter? Woo-hee, I'll be in college by then!

Well, I like the character but I can't tell if you're having name problems or if it's just me. Is his nickname Dam or Dom? You've used both. And then Stacey and Tracy? What?

Cale is extremely childish moreso than Damien is, despite Cale seeming to say that Damien is childish. Damien seems more playful than immature.

Well, it's on my story alert, so expect more reviews in the future.
1/18/2007 c3 1False Alarm
Haha, Voldemort :D

It's funny how Dam's so aware that he's gay but just refuses to admit it :D. Even though it's so obvious. And it's just downright adorable how Dam and Cale are so oblivious to each other's feelings.

Very good chapter ^^. I can't wait to get to read the next one.
1/16/2007 c3 1darlingnicotine
I love the ending! You're such a good writer Tori, even if it is slash. But that's ok with me...lol. Anyways, you messed up on little tiny things like "deserver" I think was meant to be deserved...and "and it should excite me so fucking much, but it does anyway)" I think you meant "it shouldn't..." But I dunno just some things I caught. Well coolio then. You're awesome. Good chapter.

1/16/2007 c2 darlingnicotine
HEY! Awesome POV this time. Only question is ...what's up with the names Tori? What kinda name is Dam? Did you get that from another story? You probably did, I shouldn't bother asking...*sighs* I can't believe you made character thingies. Only good thing that might've came from that was that you were actually serious about his story, which is cool for you. Anyways, great chapter kudos for you...

1/15/2007 c3 4anewfoundsenseofwriting
hey, i really like this so far so guess what its going into my favorites

keep it up:)
1/15/2007 c3 13lalalalelelel
I like this one too!
1/15/2007 c3 1LieLikeAlchemy
I love it this it's freaking hilarious! :D
1/8/2007 c2 1False Alarm
I like the calm and cozy feeling that this chapter has to it ^^. Occasionally you switched tense from present to past, though. Not much, but a little here and there. But other than that, it's all good ^^.
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