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for absolute truth?

12/20/2006 c1 48seasick
It all depends on your point of view because while that may be an absolute truth to the person who says it it is not a truth at all to Jim from Venezala. yeah so ...ha
12/13/2006 c1 81Princess-anna57
Cool, and yeah! Totally true. :) Hehe. Write on!

~Anna~ ^_^
12/12/2006 c1 Ajna
I really like this because it's so true, for lack of a better word, haha. So many things in this world contradict, it's ridiculous. Nice job!
12/12/2006 c1 9lucidspiritdreamer7
what inspired this? might I ask.good point though it must con,found your enemieslol if you have any?. your freind michelle.
12/12/2006 c1 bukangliwayway
ooh cool.

Same as "Every rule has an exemption." Because if it's true, then that same rule would have an exemption as well, which would argue with its meaning otherwise.


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