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for The More It Hurts When You Fall

7/8/2007 c1 69this is britt
I have to admit I wasn't completely sure what this was about. but, nevertheless, that didn't mean I wasn't able to pick up something from this (I'm not detracting from the quality of the work whatsoever.) For something you yourself said you splurted out in a few minutes- it's remarkable. Made for a lovely, dark read.
12/26/2006 c1 Sharky D
Interesting, though, at times a little hard to follow (despite my ADD and X-men I playing unusually loud in the background).

I liked it, very artistic and poetic, but I'm not exactly good at finding meaningful phrases such as metaphors in literary works, I did like it alot; and by the end I could find somewhat of a summary of the story, if someone who read it didn't really understand the rest of it. Which I think is good, it'll encourage them to read it again to understand it more.

(I didn't just describe myself. :) )

Basically, it put together what a conclusion should be, which is also what I can never put together too well...

Anyway, I enjoyed it. :D

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