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10/22/2016 c21 joanna
There is no relationship between adrian and kylie. He raped her and kept her as slave. She should have slit his throat while he was sleeping. Every man eventually sleeps.
1/25/2016 c21 Ni xx
Ugh... Je suis tres desole. I came back to read all of my favorite stories, and didn't check to see if it was finished! Such heartache. You've got me wrapped around your finger as much as Kylie has Adrian around hers :P
Unfinished or not, the story was still tons of fun! :)
12/11/2014 c21 1Shayde Revelle
Noooo, damn it! Last chapter since 2008. Oh, how I thoroughly hate good unfinished stories!
2/24/2014 c6 William Kayspear
2/24/2014 c5 William Kayspear
I hate him.
2/24/2014 c4 William Kayspear
8/18/2013 c21 Shadowsgirl9
I really like it! Can't wait to see what will happen next
update please
6/10/2013 c21 Guest
It was a good story. Its been 5 years though so I don't expect a end.
7/13/2012 c21 Sonia
I absolutely adore kade and I detest Adrian! But usually I wouldn't like kylies character but I get her u know? Anyways update soon
7/9/2012 c21 ColourCascade
hmmmm you are really good at writing and I am loving the story so far but I have a feeling I'm going to be annoyed at the ending :) I like kade so much better than Adrian which is probably not how you intended it... I'm pretty sure her and Adrian are going to end of together right? I see you haven't updated in a while - like four years or so - but please don't give up on the story cos I'm hooked and I'd love to know what happens next :)
5/5/2012 c21 Liley
Gosh... this story is awesome. I love it.

Although the relation between Adrian and Kylie, is complicated.

Do they even like each other? Kylie hate him, but her body desire him. And adrian only likes sex...

And Kylie had her heart race for that kitchen-artist if i remember correctly.

Anyway i like adrian, but a part of me hate him too.

Because, well~ When he is bored of one of his girls. He then ignores her completely and favorise an other one.

It piss me off somehow.

I really wonder how this will turn out?

Is Adrian going to fall for Kylie? Are they going to end up together? But i don't think so... since there is no love at all.

And one last question: After so many years with out updates, Is this story abandonned? I really hope not.
3/10/2012 c21 2Rookie12
Can't believe ur discontinuing! Well once, their was this girl who didn't last update till 2009 and she just updated 2 months ago... So it could be like that!
9/2/2011 c21 11R. Tist
This is usually not the type of story I go for, but somehow you make it work. The elements just blend together so smoothly I can’t stop reading it. The plot flows effortlessly and the characters just keep surprising me, and I like it. Who IS Kylie going to end up with? I’m torn between whom to root for; Adrian, the handsome lord who’s obliviously wrapped around her finger, or Kade, who’s pulling off sweet and sexy at the same time. I beg that you please update soon :)


R. Tist
8/22/2011 c21 1bookADDICT6
I don't know if this is part of Kylie's plans, but I get the feeling she's starting to thaw out with Adrian. She's actually enjoying her time now. Update really soon, as you I've noticed it's been almost 3 years!
8/22/2011 c20 bookADDICT6
LOL. Kylie's got Adrian wrapped around her finger. He's not pushover, but Kylie's gotten what she's wanted.
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